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    After the 34k last weekend, I haven’t had time at all to just relax.

    So the agenda for this weekend is to do nothing and just be.

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      Running 34k at Vagamon in Kerala, India. It’s my first race back since the pandemic and I’m very excited to be hitting the trails again :)

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        Mine have to be these:

        alias ..="cd .."
        alias t="tmux new -s "
        alias ta="tmux a -t "
        alias tl="tmux ls"
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          My very first alias was same as your first one here.. I just made a few more also

          alias ...="cd ../.."

          Up to four or five dots (sorry, on a phone here, it’s a pain to type it out). Works really well.

          Whenever I set up a new laptop it’s always the first thing I add

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          Lots of scope outlining and writing out the specification for an upcoming project at $WORK. Its a pretty big undertaking and I’m quite excited about the possibilities that come with it.

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            A kind friend invited me here a few days ago, so basking in the glory that is lobsters.

            At $WORK, we released an app last week that helps COVID positive patients track and share their vitals during home quarantine - so I’m trying to figure out how to reach it to doctors so that it can be used better.

            Otherwise, writing the integration bits for our system to communicate with Amazon’s Yojaka (smart connect)

            Edit: Fix typo