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    José Valim has a Twitter thread with more screenshots and details.

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      I created https://github.com/jpoehls/pwdtasks which does something quite similar - every time you cd it looks for a .powershell/tasks.psm1 module in the current directory and loads it if found. My use case was project specific helper functions. Similar to a .env file.

      It is PowerShell specific though and this .ok has some really cool aspects that I like. Particularly the menu of options.

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        silent__thought desktop

        Working on some C# code for a custom XML schema inference engine (not XSD).

        OS and running apps:

        • Windows 10
        • Microsoft Edge. Testing it out after my recent upgraded to Windows 10. Super speedy.
        • Slack
        • Sublime Text 3
        • Visual Studio 2015 with NCrunch
        • PowerShell
        • ShoreTel Communicator
        • LINQPad 5
        • Outlook 2016
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          http://zduck.com has all of my technical content. Mostly PowerShell and Go, the rest is misc. Eventually I plan to migrate it to my new blog at http://joshua.poehls.me which currently only has non-technical content.

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            Spending my evenings writing a very custom purposed XML “schema” inference engine. The generated schema is used to generate strongly typed C# classes and serialization. Currently the project is using LINQ-to-XSD to generate the classes and .NET’s built-in XmlSchemaInference class to do the XSD creation but the whole process has many flaws I’m hoping to solve. Mostly due to XSD being a poor schema format for our needs.