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    1. “Yes, And” - Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton
    2. “The Manager’s Path” - Camille Fournier
    3. “The Art of Action” - Stephen Bungay
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      The Manager’s Path is a great book

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      Not a tech book, but this was an amazing read I’d suggest to anyone who is interested in trees/plants The Hidden Life of Trees.

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        Didn’t expect to see that here! I recently bought it on impulse for my mother who is enjoying it, and am looking forward to reading it myself, so I’m glad to hear you liked it.

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        I’m interested in this topic. We use a hipchat room entitled ‘Standup …’. All team members post a quick message to this room, with their updates. This keeps a record/history of the stand-ups from each member, and the remote employees updates thread equally with the others. We only have 2 remote workers, with 14 others co-located. These remote workers join hangouts, and the webcams are utilized. But they are really missing out on the side conversations. We work with about 20 individuals in a single open room, with whiteboards, and no walls. Quite frequently, there are multiple developers around one screen. And many conversations occur in the kitchen, basement, ping-pong / pool tables, etc… The remote employees really miss out on this unfortunately. We haven’t tested this in our group, but other teams in our organization have tried a dedicated google hangout, with the remote employee dialed in with a webcam. There is a TV/mic/webcam setup in the developer room, so the remote employee is able to be virtually present. This seems to work, so we will try this. The only other thing we are testing is giving the remote employees tasks that are more isolated / research oriented. Since these tasks require less direct interaction / impromptu meetings, the remote employees are able to focus and deliver better results. I am however very interested to hear what other tactics are successful. I’ll second jfredett about weekly 1-on-1’s with the manager, frequent visits to main offices, and high quality webcams. One last bit, I feel it is very difficult to maintain or develop the same culture remotely. The atmosphere of the workplace is hard to replicate for the remote workers. That’s my $0.02