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    I’m happy that one copy was able to be preserved, and it’s quite amusing to see how “unfinished” the game is.

    • Many menu buttons just say “not implemented”, so something as basic as demolition doesn’t work.
    • You can place custom buildings, but you can’t rotate them, or even interact with them after they’re placed
    • There’s a pre-defined map, but it’s impossible to start with a completely blank map (which is fine, because you can’t build roads/fences/rails/etc anyway)
    • I want to say it’s near impossible to follow the flow of oil product. I can see that there’s a place to buy most common resources, but it’s really hard to say following the pipes how it all works.
    • The buy/sell/management UIs are overall pretty confusing as someone who doesn’t have a background in chem. engineering (but has played enough Factorio to have a basic gist)
    • There’s an inspection system/interface in place giving me the notion that buildings can break down over time, so it’s possible that repairing and/or replacing buildings is a big part of the game design.
    • There are some accidents that can occur when combining/mixing certain products, so it’s a joy to see that Chevron took effort to tell the developers about certain problems that can arise in oil production.

    Hopefully some clever hacking from a group of fans might turn it into a complete game.

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      It’s a good write-up using Nix[OS] in an unconventional manner for something, despite the subject material maybe being something of a grey area, but I found it a fun read none the less. Hopefully nothing comes back to haunt you about this since the whole decompile drama was seemingly hectic when it first came to light.

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        I just started flipping through the pages of http://learnyouahaskell.com last night and got hooked in from the first snippets of code. As a Rubyist I’m already in love, can’t wait to keep reading it through.

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          Learn You a Haskell is a pleasant read. If you need additional reading after it (which I definitely did), check out Real World Haskell which has more in-depth topics as well. Hope you have fun!

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          Not a very large website, but it’s published entirely with Racket on GitLab CI using the xml library for publishing and my own suite of functions to generate xexpr snippets. I write about code, Linux, games, and I’m trying to work on some voxel art sooner or later.

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            Curious to give this a try and see how it differs from the other Doom4 conversion mod Doom4Doom.

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              While I look for work during national emergency, I’ve been creating a tiny MIDI interaction library in Rust for my Novation Launchpad (code). I have a lot of experience working with it from using PureData in the past but Rust opens up some new fresh challenges that I look forward to (MPSC threads for I/O soon).


              • Ring Fit Adventure on the daily
              • 99 Ranged grind in Oldschool Runescape
              • Website work with Rust/Zola/GitLab CI
              • Modify and update my NixOS configurations Git for my three devices
              • Attempt data recovery on a 2TB portable HDD
              • Update my zsh aliases/functions after ignoring it for ~2 years
              • Finish working on a Ruby/Wii Homebrew game library checker script

              Hope everyone else is safe and well.

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                I have two devices I mainly use; one being a Thinkpad T440, and the other being a desktop I built from parts I picked out.

                My Thinkpad comes with an older-gen i7 and a 250GB SSD and runs NixOS with 8GB of RAM. Nothing super powerful there, but it feels fantastic to use (aside from a tacky touchpad and not-so-great screen I’d love to replace).

                My desktop is an older-gen AMD processor since I built it about 2 years ago. Upon waiting for the Ryzens to come out, I just settled with an FX-8350 which I used to build a friend’s computer with (budget build). I ended up liking the 8350 a lot so I wanted it for myself as it was very cheap. Picked out a mobo, 16GB of ram, 2x240GB SSDs, a 1TB HDD, and my other accessories, and that’s my computer in a nutshell, also running NixOS.