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    I have only one account, started using it more some days ago.

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      I tried this a few months ago and it was super buggy and slow. Using i3 with Compton mostly fixed the screen tearing on my 4k monitor

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        It’s still experimental, but it’s nice to see some work done for wayland.

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        Going with videos instead.

        Battle-station #1 - praise the ambience: hardware desktop

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          Oh I saw your post on /r/unixporn. Neat!

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            wow … that’s a proper demo! do you really use that daily for work ?

            don’t even going to ask how much time would it take to set it up but I’m curious about what software is there ? ;-)

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              Not very often - a few times a week perhaps. My main workflow is a bit different, but even there I map the contents of the center window to the LEDs to help with eyestrain - with the RGB keyboard used to show current active set of keybindings. Software is here but it’s not an easy project to set up by any means, and no distribution packaging. The backlight LEDs and control aren’t much work(an arduino, a 1000uf capacitor, a 500ohm resistor and a few neopixels or similar) + the code.