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    • OS: Linux (btw I use Arch Linux)
    • Editor: NeoVim, using neovim-qt
    • Terminal: GNOME terminal if I need a terminal outside of NeoVim
    • DE: Cinnamon as my desktop environment
    • Browser: Firefox Developer Edition
    • Music: Pragha and YouTube (sometimes using mpv)
    • Shell: Fish
    • Email: Fastmail, I just use the web interface since it is actually fast. I do compose my Emails in NeoVim

    This is what my desktop looks like:


    This is my NeoVim setup, which I run in full screen most of the time.:


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      that is a really neat font, love it! could you please tell me which one it is?

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        The font I use for NeoVim is Source Code Pro, the desktop font is Noto Sans Regular.

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          sweet! thanks a lot :)

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        What’s the color scheme you use for NeoVim? I have my font size a bit bigger with the color scheme I use now (different editor, but still), but it seems perfectly legible in your screenshot.

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          Any particular reason for prefering that to nvim in a terminal?

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            neovim-qt has a significantly lower input latency compared to running NeoVim in a terminal. I no longer have the data sadly, but most terminals (including GPU ones like Kitty and Alacritty) had something like 2-3 times the input latency. The worst are libvte terminals, which for me had a latency of around 80-90 ms. neovim-qt in turned hovered somewhere between 10 and 20 ms.

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              Ah. I use a low latency terminal and DE, so I would probably not benefit much. xterm has 2ms latency (90%). https://lwn.net/Articles/751763/

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          I’ll be seeing a friend and eating with him at a Japanese restaurant. Quite excited to see him after a year! Then on Sunday I plan on fixing some part of this side project I have been working on to help with the testing process at work.