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    It’s a bank. It’s 2018. It’s HTTPS. The tech department is the one who designed an HTTP landing page in the first place, so the social media person’s offer to pass along Troy’s concerns is not likely, in of itself, to result in an HTTPS landing page.

    I think of Troy’s campaign as a public education tool. Not only for companies who are employing poor security, but for customers of those companies. It’s as a result of reading things like Troy’s discussions with companies, and the companies’ responses, that I understand why these things are important to me. And it makes it easier for me to look for security issues with other companies’ sites.

    Not sure you could call this publicly shaming. Troy is saying, hey, this happened. How NatWest feels about that is up to them. I would hope that NatWest would feel committed to reshaping a tech department that would build an HTTP landing page in 2018. And I would hope that every tech department at every bank would read that article and double-check that their site doesn’t have those problems. In 2018.

    I remember having a private discussion with a financial institution who had similar security issues with their site. I had been educated by a post on a security website which discussed some of the security flaws seen in a lot of companies’ websites. Some of the flaws listed matched the flaws on this financial institution’s site, and I sent the financial institution the link to the post. The discussion I had with the institution was less than satisfactory.

    I think that if I had been able to send that financial institution a link to a site discussing the media attention that such flaws can generate, I might have had a more satisfactory discussion with that financial institution.

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      I had a conversation a month or so ago with someone who said she had tried Ulysses and Scrivener and one other iOS app to write her book and found all of them wanting. Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly what she said about each, and your mileage with those apps may vary. I got the impression that the iOS versions of the apps sometimes differed significantly from the desktop versions.

      I’m not sure I would recommend Word for writing books. In fact, I’m sure I would recommend not using Word for books.