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    I can’t read the thread (have hard blocked Reddit from my work laptop) so don’t know if this was linked there already but there was this interesting article about Bank Python couple months back:

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      Lots of good articles in that calpeterson blog.

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        That’s the article linked from the Reddit thread.

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          Story’s linking some reddit discussion instead of the article.

          Why the indirection?

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            The linked thread is a q&a with someone who’s worked on these systems.

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              Except it isn’t - the link goes to a Reddit discussion about the Bank Python article. There is a thread within the comments where someone is doing an AMA, but it is difficult to find.

              The link should be changed - either to go directly to Cal Peterson’s article, or to link to the appropriate thread of comments.

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                You’re totally right, I thought because it was at the top it was the linked thread. Apologies

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                  huh, I messed that up then, I intended to link directly to the ama subthread :-/

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          At work: playing with Trying to create virtual bacnet objetcts to cloud so our clients can integrate to our infrastructure using BACnet protocol.

          At home: Some small tasks to do in the garden but mostly just keep veggies hydrated and watch nature do it’s miracles :) Also enjoying Euro2020 in football in the evenings.

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            Writing music for symphony orchestra and visiting my parents tomorrow. Hopefully will have time to paint a wall in our corridor aswell.

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              On lobsters I’d rather see a technical deep dive explaining how all these features are achieved than a marketing page. But I’m certainly fascinated this technology exists. One SSO platform to rule them all?

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                Here’s a little better explanation on what Boundary is and how it works:

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                  This isn’t new, you have products like BeyondCorp from Google and Gateway from Cloudflare.

                  Although, that’s the first open source implementation that I see. That said, it probably would need code audit and pen-test to get reasonable adoption.

                  I’m really looking forward to the future of this piece of technology, and if it could really replace VPN.

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                  For me the best (and only?) advantage of doing AWS certificate was that it forced me to study services I hadn’t any experience before. That knowledge has proven to be very valuable to me in later projects where I’ve needed those services.

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                    Nice to see the wave of defectors from OSX back to more open platforms continue!

                    I agree I’ve always found XCode frustrating to use and obscenely ponderous to set up as well. It’s not so much that it’s a GUI or that it’s complicated, I think you could say the same for VIsual Studio Code or Pycharm both of which I love, it’s that it gets in the way of what I’m trying to do 100% of the time.

                    And yeah, the MagSafe connector was a thing of beauty. My wife is clinging to her 2012 Macbook Pro for dear life :)

                    You also didn’t mention keyboard, although I realize I’m more sensitive to that than most. I find it interesting that the keyboard on my $200 Pinebook Pro is several orders of magnitude better than the one on my work issued 2018 Macbook Pro which feels like typing on squishy oatmeal.

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                      Sadly, in my social bubble, I see more people moving from OSX to Windows/WSL than to Linux/BSD.

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                        That doesn’t surprise me at all, and I assume that’s the largest migration direction between the “three” platforms. Most average Joe developers are already using Windows for most of their computing needs (games) and probably only used macOS because they “had to” because work involves either a Linux server or an iOS app.

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                        I’m not sure where you get the idea that there is a “wave of defectors from OSX”, the post was most likely written to be posted specifically here. I like the community and I don’t want to be that guy but this community is a small, irrelevant echo chamber in terms of world-wide OS adoption.

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                          I totally agree. There HAS been a wave of people leaving the OSX platform for various reasons, but as another poster wrote they’re not all migrating to FLOSS environments.

                          A number of them are choosing Windows instead. I myself dual boot and enjoy the best of both worlds :)

                          Also, nobody other than Apple actually has hard numbers on this.

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                          I just bought the 2020 Macbook Pro and the keyboard is from the different planet than 2018’s, I really like it! The price was painful but there are music softwares I need daily that don’t run in Linux so I don’t really have a choice.

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                            Which one? The one with no Esc key? No thanks.

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                              They brought back the escape key :)

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                                The new one has physical Esc-key.