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    My two hobbies are woodturning and playing the guitar.

    Guitar I was a music major in college, and I studied classical guitar between the ages of 12 and 24. It was fun, but I became burnt out by the end of it. I started playing a little here and there a few years ago.

    Woodturning I find that after a day of living in the abstract (programming) doing something with my hands is extremely rewarding. I started with “flat” woodworking, but then I fell in love with turning this January and have been doing that ever since. I mostly make pens, bottle stoppers and bowls, but I’d really like to get into segmented turning.

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      I’ve semi-recently discovered the wonderful world of woodturning videos on YouTube.

      Frank Horwath has a ton of videos. Here’s one with a segmented bowl, which I found fascinating.

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        I love Frank’s channel! His little bits of stop motion are so fun.

        Check out Kyle Toth as well. He does some nice segmented vases. Here’s a mini vase he made

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        That sounds lovely! Woodturning is something id really like to get into as soon as i have a stable place to get a lathe.

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          ping me on twitter, same as this user name, when you’re in the market for one. Happy to provide any advice I can!