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    1. Make bunch of dev screencasts for side hustle
    2. Needs static backend to withstand billions of page views
    3. Setup jekyll with usual secret library of includes
    4. Gotta make this library open source
    5. Ofcourse needs a command line parser to install includes on demand
    6. jeez this command line parsing library argparse is basic
    7. Fine, I’ll make it more powerful

    Sooo a while later and now I have this — action heroes

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      My two hobbies are woodturning and playing the guitar.

      Guitar I was a music major in college, and I studied classical guitar between the ages of 12 and 24. It was fun, but I became burnt out by the end of it. I started playing a little here and there a few years ago.

      Woodturning I find that after a day of living in the abstract (programming) doing something with my hands is extremely rewarding. I started with “flat” woodworking, but then I fell in love with turning this January and have been doing that ever since. I mostly make pens, bottle stoppers and bowls, but I’d really like to get into segmented turning.

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        I’ve semi-recently discovered the wonderful world of woodturning videos on YouTube.

        Frank Horwath has a ton of videos. Here’s one with a segmented bowl, which I found fascinating.

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          I love Frank’s channel! His little bits of stop motion are so fun.

          Check out Kyle Toth as well. He does some nice segmented vases. Here’s a mini vase he made

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          That sounds lovely! Woodturning is something id really like to get into as soon as i have a stable place to get a lathe.

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            ping me on twitter, same as this user name, when you’re in the market for one. Happy to provide any advice I can!