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    What a terrible name for a developer focused OS. Also, the PR page doesn’t mention anything about what it does exactly that’s different.

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      Its still in beta, but it seems like they are going for the scientific linux approach which is providing a out of the box developer environment.

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        At this point it doesn’t sound like a developer focused env. It sounds like a fork of the latest Ubuntu release they has PR to try and target Systems 76’s preferred demographics. I don’t mean that as a negative thing, I think its a smart thing for them to do business wise, albeit a little vapid.

        I do have to take exception with part of what they say:

        … We’re technologists, and we felt Ubuntu drift. I agreed with the Canonical strategy of maintaining Unity 7 while developing Unity 8 separately. But time dragged on and we were stuck between waiting for our new product, which sounded constantly just around the corner, and investing in Unity 7 that was on its way out. There were no good decisions. Just hold the line. … In hindsight, we should have known [Ubuntu discontinuing Unity]. Like everyone, I wanted Ubuntu desktop to stand on its own economically. It’s only a matter of time before a company must align its investments with its paying customers, and that wasn’t the desktop for Canonical. But it is for System76.

        Its not that Canonical gave up on Desktop. Made the mistake of trying to be too ambitious, in a time when the ecosystem it existed in was going though a ton of changes in stops and fits.

        First lets go over what Canonical was building (Understand most of these things are going to be related)

        • Ubuntu Phone (and all of the related new stuff for that)
        • Better Arm Support
        • Ubuntu Core
        • Mir (Replacement for X11)
        • Unity 8 & Convergence
        • Snapd

        Which has be build in concert with with all of the changes in the Linux ecosystem over the last couple of years.

        Unity didn’t doesn’t spell the death for the Ubuntu Desktop, but the death of the Ubuntu Phone did mean the death of Unity 8.

        All that being said I think this could be an interesting idea for telemetry for Firmware level issues on their machines as well.

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        Dear marketing, no, you cannot have WhateverTF you characters you feel like in a name.