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    NeoVim looks interesting, but I don’t plan on giving it a try. When it was announced it boasted asynchronous job control and native terminals, but those features have been added to the Vim core. If there’s a killer reason for using it, let me know.

    I’d say there are two fundamental differences between Neovim and Vim:

    1. Vim is much more conservative than Neovim is. New features in Neovim inspire ‘backports’ to Vim. While Bram and the Neovim team have a, erm, strained relationship, it’s hard to deny that Neovim inspired async and terminal support in Vim. It proves that there exists a community need and a possible implementation for the given feature.*
    2. Neovim is more modular and can be embedded in other clients. For example, actualvim is a sublime plugin that lets you use Neovim inside Sublime. In contrast, most “vim” plugins just emulate a few features; actualvim gives you access to your vimrc and the entire vim ecosystem.

    *One sore point in the Neovim community is that Vim8’s async system is incompatible with the neovim one.

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      That’s a great summary. Thank you.