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    Back on the Rockets bandwagon.

    Rockets is a game I’ve been thinking about / prototyping for about a year. I’m trying to make a serious push towards it now though so that I can get a playable version going. It’s a game where you “program” a rocket ship to fly around (2d) space and complete levels. Previous prototypes were in clojurescript and racket and used a logic based language for describing the rules the ship needs to follow. I’m currently working out a node graph based ui for describing motion of the rockets instead. I’ve migrated to using strait c and opengl for gamedev stuff. I’ve watched a lot of handmade hero and finding that it turns out to be a pretty great environment for game dev. I come from the functional programming world but was able to set up many things that I enjoy using, for example I can recompile my game and update the code while it’s running which gives a repl like experience to game dev that I really enjoy. This week I’m ramping up some opengl knowledge. The graphics are pretty simple so there shouldn’t be a ton to do here but one of the most immediate needs I have is to display text. That’s what I’ll focus on in the beginning of the week and then hopefully get some node graph interactions working so I can get it playable.