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    Even Super Mario Brothers basically uses the same technique. It will never get past drawing the score at the top when Sprite-0-Hit isn’t implemented. Since this feature is mostly only useful for determining a whether the PPU passed a certain position, i highly suspect this is very much intended behaviour.

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      Have you read the complete article? The undefined behaviour is about writing to the PPUADDR while the screen is rendering to smooth vertical scrolling with split screen. Actually pretty interesting dive into how the NES PPU internally work and shows visual glitch in Zelda that would be explained by the limitation of the undefined behaviour.

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      This gets me pretty excited. Previously there was no alternative to NodeJS when you wanted to do server-side javascript, to alleviate “blank page syndrome” for NoJS clients.

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        Previously there was no alternative to NodeJS when you wanted to do server-side

        What is wrong with Rhino? Or Spidermonkey, which Gnome uses for gnome shell?

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          I believe Rhino is no longer actively developed and does not support all of ES 6.

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        Very cool. Currently on Condition, is this meant to be possible with just or(1), and(1), inv(1), is_neg(16) and is_zero(16)? I can’t see how it could be, shouldn’t there be an add(16) and negate(16) for this?

        EDIT: I ended up skipping Condition. The rest were all very enjoyable.

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          It is certainly possible. No need for arithmetic computation, only different ways of comparing against Zero. Maybe you misunderstood something about the specification?

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            Yeah I think I read it the first time as comparing two numbers instead of just comparing one number to zero. Opened it up and did it quite quickly today.

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            I think condition is impossible! I did ever other level though.

            I emailed the author thanking him for the great game & pointing out this level was not solvable.

            Edit: OK I finally did it! It wasn’t impossible, just very hard!

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              Why would you need add(16) or negate(16)?