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    Ouch, why ls -A is “sort alphabetically”, instead of the usual “ls -a but without . & ..” ? I mean, the idea of a Zig userland sounds awesome, but if I have to change my muscle memory, that would be tough :/

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      I actually just made an issue regarding this on the repository. We weren’t super cognizant of muscle memory when we were making some flags, so that is definitely something we will keep in mind going forward :)

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      Not entirely clear from the website: Is this more of a fun project, zig exercise, or does it aim to provide a serious alternative to GNU coreutils? (Of course, either would be fine, and the former could well grow into the latter anyway. Just curious about the current aim.)

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        We definitely started off as a fun project, however, as we kept going most of us started really enjoying zig and the “goal” of the project. I am not sure we could be a serious alternative to GNU coreutils, but it would be really sweet if we could get somewhere close. I know I am definitely going to keep adding applets / functionality over the coming months :D

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          Get to a point where you can use it to compile Linux