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    All the talk of scaling on this thread and no mention of scaling developers. What happens when you go from 1 to 10 to 100 to 1000 to N developers? Admittedly not a problem everyone needs to solve, but an axis of scaling people aren’t talking about.

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      I’d be interested in five whys on this, starting with why you want ads and seeing where that leads. I suspect there may be some better ways to achieve your goals. So, why do you want ads?

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        My room full of gold coins is getting too shallow to dive into.

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          What if you reduce contrast to black on black text and we have to pay a number of bitcoins equal to the desired background color?

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            Hackers will just highlight all the text and bypass my scheme.

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              What about adding 500ms latency to every request. Sell this added latency monthly for target monies.

              Example: $2000 monthly target, that would be $4 for 1ms - so when you are paid $2000 monthly everything is back to normal.

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                This idea actually has legs. Adding a few seconds to every page load would keep the site accessible to free users but strongly encourage paid usage.

                And OMG, I have a great idea that dovetails with this one! Get this – slow down the page load with ads.

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                  I shared similar idea with HN, but with more accent on adding useless bytes. It seems that it was a bit controversial:


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            Have you considered other ways of generating revenue? Membership levels or premuim features? Reddit gold system? Wikipedia style begging? Job boards? Or consultant listings? Boardgamegeek style system with badges for annual supporters? Some sort of educational based system where you can connect folks wanting to learn with experts? I think it’s worth putting time into brainstorming.

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              That sounds like a lot of extra work for me, can’t I just get money for free?

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                Gah, kids these days!

                More seriously though, as someone who dislikes 99% of advertising and blocks it wherever possible, if it’s something that’s done tastefully and in moderation, I have no objection in principle. It’ll be more work, but what about an option to pay, eg, $20/year to not see the ad?

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                  This could be extended into a game: “Donate to keep the site ad-free” ;)

                  Have some visible marker for how many ad-free days there were donations. If the marker goes to zero, ads appear. If the community donates enough to keep the marker up, no ads. I’m not sure if advertisers would agree with this, since they probably want to have some control over the timing. Maybe it can be tweaked.

                  Economically, this is a special anti-ad, which heats up the bidding war between advertisers. If advertisers are ok with paying more, then the marker should shrink faster.

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                  What about a paid “hat” like… “lobster” or “supporter”, or something. Already got a hat system, then you can let people buy them for a month / year / day whatever.

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                    Why do you think ads won’t be a lot of work? I imagine they’ll come with a host of unintentional consequences which will end up costing you plenty of time, effort and I don’t know what else.

                    No free lunch.

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              I’m still stuck on PeepOpen + MacVim.

              The vim-native file finders are nowhere near as nice. I’ve tried pretty much all of them.

              Unfortunately, PeepOpen does not work on Sierra at all.

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                fzf and its associated plugin for vim probably do all you want and more. And the performance is excellent.

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                I used a LackRack for a while, but the particle board the legs are made out of is pretty flimsy. Be very careful not to over tighten. And, if you need to unscrew equipment, be very careful when reusing your screw holes.

                FWIW, smaller 19" equipment racks of the same size as this are not much more expensive.

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                  A Lack table is £5. I find it hard to believe that any 19" rack can match that, no matter how small!

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                  I realize this is a release/announce kind of thing, but it’s still pretty thin. I didn’t learn much about xmake from it, like, say, what xmake actually is.

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                    Took an extra click to get to this: http://xmake.io/

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                    I learned a hard lesson several years ago in dealing with a racist, misogynist, asshole of a manager, which is strongly reinforced here: HR does not exist for the benefit of employees. HR exists solely for the corporation, executives, senior management, and keeping the company out of legal trouble.

                    Never trust HR. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your case to them. It means when you do bring your case to them you must document everything in the process, and record what you can.

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                      I taught myself programming and cut my teeth on many years of Turbo Pascal. My first computer book ever was on this language. Bought for me by my Grandma while visiting her in New Orleans one weekend. I devoured the book without the luxury of a computer or compiler in front of me; I think that helped me digest it better. I wrote code on pen and paper. Many years of fantastic memories. Thanks for the article!

                      Also, mistagged javascript; but I’m uncertain how to properly suggest the change.