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    Can’t believe no one has mentioned Workflowy Clean, smart, fast and free. I’ve been using their app for pretty much everything from note taking to planning and actually writing. The UX is kinda similar to RoamResearch with more basic linking abilities.

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      I’m creating a collection of “Special offerings for open source projects”. If you guys know any devtool or service that should be on the list, please add it here: Thanks!

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        I am building an app that enables the developer community to follow and discover recorded talks from meetups and conferences. This week is all about the last fixes before going live.

        The project’s first experiment has been the MeetupFeed blog: Its reception has been amazing, with a lot of positive feedbacks from the community. Also I could learn a lot about the upcoming challenges.

        The app is going live in January, I’m working on the last fixes this week. If you find the idea interesting, shoot me a mail for early access:

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          Using karma points for communities is the best practise for a reason. Don’t get me wrong it is far from being perfect, but probably the least annoying thing you can do. Collecting karma points tend to be motivating for a lot of users which is great for the community since these users bring in most of the interesting content (of course it’s an other story with comments). For the rest of us, I don’t think it is a popularity contest, at least I don’t see it that way. IMO Lobsters did a good job by not pushing karma points too much. (yeah, I know mine’s terribly low) :)

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            You have one more point now!

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              I’ve never though about it that way. I might have wished for a non-zero score in the beginning, which might have pushed me to post a comment. Much like one leaves his first torrent seeded a little while longer to build a ratio or something. :-)

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              Thanks for the feedback @angersock. I’ve been thinking about if this digest belongs to Lobsters or not. Still not sure, you might be right. If it turns out not to be valuable (or at least interesting) for the community, I won’t submit more digests, only articles.