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    Just popping in to drop since no one seems to have mentioned it yet.

    What I haven’t yet figured out doing is how to make all those settings one manually sets in System Preferences (eg: Hot Corners) repeatable without me having to manually set it every time I move to a new machine. In fact I interpreted this to be your original question, but from reading the other esponses it seems that is not true.

    Unfortunately I am moving between machines at least 3 or 4 times a year, and my setup hasn’t changed in the last six years, so this is a problem that I want to spend time solving.

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      Great post! I find that while reading about and understanding these functions exist, I am truly awed when I see them used (well) in the wild. What are some examples where you’ve seen console functions apart from .log() being used to convey a point effectively?

      So far I’ve found which tells you exactly what is happening when you interact with an element. It provides a neat way to tell a narrative and I think that’s a really good use of these functions.