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    We’re building something (http://wym.io) which happens to provide most of Lambda’s (and {webscript,hook}.io’s) features (sorry!), with a whole host of (shortly open source) features and a much bigger picture (think a whole new language) alongside.

    I think we’ve minimised xkcd #927 (standards) and lock-in as effectively as possible.

    I won’t claim more here until I can show you, but there’s a solid, functioning demo at http://wym.io/ and we’re only a few weeks away from a lot more. We’re really throwing our lives at this, so do expect results. :)

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      Sounds really interesting … I joined your announce list!

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        Good to hear! We’ll get more to you soon!

        Having been on so many ‘-announce’ lists over the years, I can’t think why I didn’t call ours that. Hm.

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      I remember something similar released a while ago – the idea was you could attach Lua scripts to, say, button clicks and such and also keep some state around. Anyone remember that that was?

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        Intriguing, if cryptic. But from where I sit, this is just a project named “Atom” hosted on Github. Is there any more information on it, something that connects it to Github besides the Github-employed members?

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          Answering myself: https://github.com/atom/welcome/blob/master/lib/welcome.md

          You are one of the first people to use GitHub’s new text editor!

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            What is the non-mac equivalent of cmd-shift-P?

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              Wow, try clicking on the docs link. It takes you to a GitHub app auth page for your email.

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              Also worth noting:

              $ whois atom.io
              Domain : atom.io
              Status : Client Updt+Delt Lock
              Owner  : GitHub Hostmaster
              Owner  : GitHub, Inc.
              Owner  : 88 Colin P Kelly Jr St
              Owner  : San Francisco
              Owner  : CA
              Owner  : US