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    Interesting article.

    I, personally, will be focusing on Golang. The main reason being that it seems to be fairly decent for getting a job, a big part of the Kubernetes world (lots of apps are written in it) and you can write a webapp or microservices without any 3rd party frameworks.

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      Writing a collection of “classic” games (pong, space invaders, etc) in Love2D for beginners to reference and learn from.

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        Very cool! I’ve been super excited of late how much interest there has been in good old fashioned 2D game programming and how comparatively easy it’s become using Lua and frameworks like Love2D.

        I have a Clockwork Pi stuck in Chinese customers, but if it ever arrives this is definitely one of the things I plan to dig my teeth into with it :)

        I especially love the idea of doing this as a template for beginners. It’s one thing to make the mechanics easy (e.g. setting up a screen. Drawing some pixels, playing a sound) but understanding the algorithmic aspects of how such games are put together can be a challenge for beginners. I hope your tutorials will emphasize those bits :)

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          That sounds like a pretty neat project!
          Would be interested in following …Do you have a blog or any other place where you put updates?

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            Re-reading my own response I just realized I want to know the same thing :) How do we know when you’ve published without bugging you incessantly ? :)

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              I’ll be putting up a devblog sooner or later, I might post a link to it here but it will definitely be posted on the Love2D forums.

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              Not yet, I’m planning on putting one together but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Keep your eyes peeled in the next week or three.