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    Can I use this instead of Tower?

    Edit: I mean, is it basically the same as tower?

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      Yep. This is the code that the product “Tower” comes from.

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      A couple of weeks ago I tried working on learning a few new languages for small projects… crash. burn. So this week I’m focusing on just one and I’m working through Chris and Julie’s haskell book.

      At work I’m migrating one of my environments from Puppet over to Ansible as a thought experiment.

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        Any book reviews yet? I’d be curious to hear.

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          Maybe when I reach the end.. I can say this though, I’ve always found starting in on Haskell hard so I’m taking Chris & Julie’s advise on starting out with a beginners mind (harder than I thought it would be) so it’s slow going.

          What I appreciate are the exercises along the way and the fact that the book is forcing me to think again (like when’s the last time I actually think about reducing problem until I couldn’t any more).

          It’s also a fun read. I have not read too many other books about Haskell, however the ones I have always felt harder (maybe that’s the right word?) than I expect they were meant to be.

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            The recent site update led to the addition of some reviews for the Haskell book

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              I’m a bit worried that, despite your best intentions, reviews you publish on the same site will be skewed towards the positive.

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                If you’re so concerned, use Google and search the site URL/domain and the book’s title / “Haskell book”, or Julie and I’s names. You can plumb the entirety of what’s been written about us, including a nasty and misogynistic 4chan thread, in about 30 minutes.

                I’m not invested in specifically you learning Haskell. Do as thou wilt, but I’m no gatekeeper. I find this feedback via Twitter and Google search.

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          Lesse here, not blocked on anything ;-)

          Back to work for me and I’ll be diving into a bit of Rust, Swift and Haskell this week I think. Rust and Haskell will be mostly getting into with Swift the only thing that I’ve got an actual idea for on OSX.

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            Wait, there is a weekly standup? :-)

            $dayjob is full of meetings this week.

            $personal projects involve Swift, Go, and a little bit of Rust, though I wish I had something to show for it.. looking forward to the holiday breaks to make some decent progress.