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    Hi, I’m Theo Voss.


    I’m 4 years out of college. My first job was working in embedded engineering which basically came down to a c/c++ developer half the time (really fun) and someone who could do mindless tasks the other half of the time. I’m currently wrapping up my last two weeks at a small company no one has heard of where I primarily worked on a flask api that became a rails api and the ios app that used it. I haven’t touched the webapp and suck at front-end web. I’m leaving here to go and work at Amazon.


    This summer I’ve done a lot of kayaking with friends which has been a lot of fun.

    Always looking for the next book(s) I can really get caught up in. Terry Goodkind’s Law of Nines was the last one I devoured.

    I also usually have at least one active side project going on. Currently that side-project is a chess engine/front-end to validate what are valid moves (no AI) with the goal of making a star-trek 3-d chess engine. It’s a bit broken at the moment, but I’m planning on polishing it up and getting it to do standard chess over the next month.

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        Working on fixing bugs in my chess program (side-project): http://theos-chess-api.herokuapp.com/chess/ (it’s on github: https://github.com/theovoss/Chess and https://github.com/theovoss/ChessApi)

        Getting back into work after a week and a half on vacation.

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          personal: Find an annoying bug in my chess engine.

          work: work. ;)

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            Working on fixing up a chess library I wrote a while back and writing a front-end for it so I can play with my friends. The end goal is to have a site where you can play star-trek chess or other chess derivatives. If I can get it working pretty well in the next week or so, I might sign up for a talk at pyohio about it. https://github.com/theovoss/Chess

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              For work: removing a bunch of code that isn’t being used anymore. Merging in some features/bugfixes I did last week.

              For fun: probably writing stories about weird places around my city.

              Rest of the week:

              no clue