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    I used to name my private servers after elements… switched to ${application}${hostnum} (ex. mail01.domain.tld), though.
    At work the name depends on the team in charge, my team is using ${project}-${application}${dc}${clusternum}${hostnum}.

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      Do you know about Grafana Tanka? It seems to solve the same problem (with some extras).

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        Tanka uses jsonnet which is in the language category of “data templating languages” as is Dhall. While they both target the structured data generation usecase, they have significantly different heritages. Jsonnet is a mostly intact descendant (with some small but significant improvements) of GCL, which is a Google internal configuration language notably used to configure Borg. I haven’t played with Dhall yet, but the syntax looks a lot like Haskell.

        Various data templating languages:

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          Another, also a descendant of GCL at least in spirit:

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          I became aware of it after I posted this article, it doesn’t look like it solves the type-safety problem the way Dhall does.

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          There are a few directories present on all of my machines:

          • bin - scripts, tmp binaries
          • mnt - user mounts
          • workspace - everything related to code
            • $lang/$project - projects grouped by language
            • misc/$project - projects using multiple languages, configs, documentation
          • xdg user dirs (empty except for Downloads)