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    This seems quite costly and quite a few steps. Sure you have a cluster but on side projects, I personally generally wouldn’t need that. For easy of deployment, I have a script that install docker/compose via ssh and so after that, I can deploy anything with ease using docker-compose. No need to install anything else manually and the setup is the same on my MacBook as on the vps. And that works on ~$1/mo VPS setups. These are side projects; they don’t need to be bulletproof (but so far they are; I am quite surprised about the uptime and quality of modern hosters).

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      The reactive features are nice: symbol-access has since been replaces by reactive-set!. Example:

      Start s7:

      docker run -it schemer/s7 (:head doesn’t work!)

      (load "reactive.scm")
      (define a 3) 
      (define b 2) 
      (define x 0) 
      (reactive-set! x (+ a b)) 


      (set! b 7)


      (set! a 104)


      (define mx (lambda (z) (* x z)))
      (mx 15)


      (set! a 20)
      (mx 15)



      Though I could not figure how to create the exact example from the article; in the code there is an example that looks like it would do, but it doesn’t work (must be outdated as well). Any ideas?

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        I thought the books by Simon Brown (inventor of C4) were a good read if you want to be an architect or want to (as I did) broaden your horizon if you are an architect (or, to some extend, tech lead or CTO).

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          I expected it to be more resilient hardware wise. I travel a lot and my hardware gets a serious beating. My iPad Pro (and before that my iPad air) just keeps going with drops and scratches etc. Apple replaced the keyboard cover a few times for free. The Go keeps breaking; both the keyboard and the device itself. And MS is not doing anything because ‘it is my fault’. That’s fine but I read quite a lot of these stories (my friend from London has full insurance on it and he keeps sending it back for random hardware errors and he is far more careful with it than I am). It is not like i’m working in a mine/oil rig or something; I’m a dev and take it on my trips ; the keyboard keeps failing. And compared to any iPad, the battery life is horrible; I mean for such a slow tablet, how is the battery so bad…

          The surface mouse is really brilliant though; I use that on the iPad Pro as well now.

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            I’m careful with mine and it is OK. To be honest, Apple hardware quality is hard to beat. If it was not for that silly keyboard they were using up until now I would not be able to flag anything as a hardware issue with them.

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              The keyboard on the iPad Pro is far worse than the Go one in every (well, it’s less fragile imho) way BUT they know it breaks and they replace it (at least in my Apple Store) for free even though I don’t have AppleCare or any other insurance. The iPad itself is a piece of magic. Endless battery life, fast etc. Just that full OS… I write a lot of code on it via Remotix on a remote mac. Works like a charm really… No lag and with a 4k resolution set, it really feels like you are working on a very large work space with your iPad being the view. You need good eyes though; i’m old but my eyes are still (with glasses) very good, so I can read tiny letters without strain. So for me it’s like having several screens open on a very fast machine remotely. The major issue for me is the esc key. That is too annoying and ctrl-[ is hard to get used to for something I use a LOT of times and you cannot remap it (or I have not found how, but I think you cannot). But you cannot having anything. My Macbook pro is dead in my bag as they don’t have plugs in this place while my iPad Pro has 30% left which means I have hours left and then I have a normal USB battery with me which will add 12+ hours if need be.

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            Retro (80s) computer programming and hardware hacking, working on my 2 programming languages, making games and mountain walks.