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    Dan Luu’s empirical approach to topics is inspirational.

    Another inspirational empiricist is David Mackay, ex-Physics professor at Cambridge, who wrote on quantifying sustainable energy: what sustainable energy sources can we plausible achieve, and how efficient can our energy sinks plausibly be.

    I expect we can all improve our fields by careful measurement of benefits and costs.

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      I understand this. I use Phosh on Pinephone as my daily driver, but I cannot yet make an unqualified recommendation for it.

      What I can say is that if you’re willing to accept a reduced featureset and polish, a Linux-based OS for phones is doable today.

      I also have a mainstream mobile phone which I use for workflows not yet supported on Linux-based phone OSs, such as navigation and banking.

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        Is banking not possible in the browser?

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          My bank offers mobile deposits of paper checks with an android app, but afaik the bank website doesn’t provide mobile deposits.

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            Ah fair point. A rare but useful need for me.

      1. 1 discusses more on the advantages of email-driven workflows. discusses how to do it on different platforms.

        I like it and I like PR-style development too.

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          There is also spot-client, another Spotify GUI written in Rust™ which uses GTK. Both, spot-client and psst are lacking so many features¹ compared to the official client that a comparison is almost unfair. It’s more appropriate to call them minimal spotify clients.

          ¹ scrolling through huge playlists, changing their sort order, recommendations etc. (the stuff that makes Spotify good)…

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            I prefer the official Spotify client on desktop for the reasons you list, and use spot-client on Pinephone.