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    Working on my tag-based file manager. Been trying to get a plugin system in place for a while now, once I get that working I think I can do a cleanup, and then open it up on GitHub (if anyone is interesting in something like this, send me a message!)

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      I thought about a system (web app in my case) where tree hierarchy and filenames don’t exist. But a whole collection of tags. Some of them typed : file format: mp3, Avi, pdf that can be grouped in file kind (audio, video, document, image, etc) Dates : created, uploaded, last viewed, last seen, inside (the pdf document for an invoice three months before the creation, for instance) Users : authors, participants, recipients, brand

      Others tags can be more subjective: subject, document type (invoice, manual, administrative form, contract), figurant (people in picture), character name (novel), etc

      Samples of search I dream to be able to type:

      • all about my last phone (invoice, pictures taken with it, manual, link to the vendor, etc)
      • documents last year about rent
      • documents subject:health without:external

      Etc, etc

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        A tag based filesystem sounds really cool, I’d love to test that when it’s ready to be run.

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        Company: Stay22
        Company site:
        Position(s): Frontend Lead / Frontend Developer / Backend Developer
        Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

        Description: Stay22 is making it easier for travelers to find accommodations near specific venue’s or POIs. Initially started as a way for event-goers to find a place to stay nearby a concert or conference, we’ve now branched out into pretty much every type of event and I’ve been dogfooding our tool when travel with my friends and family. We’ve been around since 2016 and have been having massive growth since the shutdown of Airbnb for Events. We originally started as a JS shop (Mongo, Node, Leaflet) but now are moving more of the backend to Go and moving away from Mongo to Postgres as we grow.

        Contact: or PM me