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    Recently started Cormac McCarthy’s ‘Blood Meridian.’

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      Oh, that’s on my bookshelf. I look at it all the time and think I should start it. My friend said it’s one of the darkest books he’s ever read.

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        Heh yah the writing style makes it a bit tricky to follow, I think. Maybe it’s cause I always start reading at 2 in the morning lol…

        on that doom country vibe lately

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        Yeah that’s… that’s a read right there. I’ve read some dark stuff over the years, and that tops 90% of it. Good stuff once you get used to the writing style.

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          That’s one of my favorite books. Have you read anything else by McCarthy?

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            nope first one

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              The Road is my favorite.

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                That’s a fantastic one, and quite different from Blood Meridian. Much quicker read, easier to digest, but so emotionally evocative and moving. He’s such a great writer, definitely one of my favorites. Everything I’ve read by him has stuck with me big time, particularly:

                Blood Meridian

                The Border Trilogy

                The Road

                No Country for Old Men

                Outer Dark