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    I have three projects in the cooker at the moment:

    • A complete ground up rebuilding of a static site generator I started working on in 2015; otherwise known as aggressive refactoring
    • A loose port of Isso to Go; this is to help me learn Go and what better way than to port tens of thousands of LOC from one language you don’t know to another?
    • A simple podcast publishing platform that can be self hosted while also offering federated publishing of feed

    My day to day at work involves PHP, Node and a substantial amount of front end JS in the form of Vue and Angular; I am a backend developer at heart so I need these personal project just to keep my sanity.

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      I can relate to you. I did quite a bit of PHP and AngularJS work at my last job. Now I’m just starting up on a job where I’ll be doing a lot of Python and React. While react is alright, I still prefer backend and Python is much more fun for me.

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        The past 5 years of my career I’d categorize as “trying to avoid web dev at all costs.” It is possible, just depends on your shop.

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      I’m about to wrap up my postgrad, so my focus is on skills that will be good in job hunting and increasing my visibility as open source contributor. Right now, my list is:

      • Increasing my ML skills by participating in at least 2 competitions on Kaggle
      • Get good with programming interviews by practicing on Hacker Rank and LeetCode
      • (Re)Start contributing to OSS projects. I am thinking of getting started with gensim, scikit-learn and Rust Docs, open to any other interesting projects as well.
      • Finish reading Calculus Made East
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        I’ve been a long term WordPress user but Gutenberg looks like an overkill and with this announcement, I’m excited.

        Imagine Medium’s editor and Slack’s integrations had a beautiful illegitimate lovechild. That’s the vibe we set out to accomplish.

        I don’t know about general sentiment but Medium is a great writing experience and adding Slack like slash commands will only enhance the experience. I have moved my blog a couple of times to Ghost but this may finally be the push I needed.

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          I’m Oleg, occasionally I write about Go, would like to add more posts about unpopular algorithms and personal projects.

          Link: https://medium.com/@olegkovalov

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            Do you mind giving a couple of examples of unpopular algorithms? That just caught my eye and I think learning something new never hurts.

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              Glad to here :)

              I was thinking about Johnson’s algorithm, few primes algos(few my own prime sieves), union-find with additional data, well…plenty of them :D

              Well, maybe not all are unpopular, but not that common at least.

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            Hi, I’m Ishan and I write anywhere from 2-6 posts a year on my blog https://ishan.co/blog

            I also write about games at times but mostly, it’s useful tips related to issues I face. Mostly centered around PHP, Machine Learning (not yet started), macOS and iOS.

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              While I got the context that this is about GNOME, I’m not really sure what the author is talking about. Are their guidelines very complicated that make icons look terrible? How does that affect blender or other apps in screenshots? And how does detail become harmful there?

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                Yep, I’m pretty lost wrt. what their actual contention is.