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    Painting the picture that everything was rosey back in the day of QA teams and playbooks is rich.

    Outage in production, oh but no one documented “error code x” in any playbook. No one knows how to fix it and devs are locked out of production so it’s not possible to do any in depth troubleshooting.

    Have every patch release take weeks due to endless QA protocols that both failed to ensure quality at the same time as taking forever to get through.

    Today certainly has a lot of other problems, but it absolutely wasn’t better before.

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      couldn’t agree more. this still feel like “us vs them” problem of the traditional org chart (dev team + ops team).

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      devops !== removing QA team. that’s just wrong

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        since buildkit with llb, docker is closer to being a compiler than ever. we can now even write custom syntax for it.

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          Always vaguely annoyed when Cloudflare takes over more stuff, but I can understand not wanting to deal with all this bullshit when you’re just one person. If he reads this, thanks for the service :)

          Not all of the interactions were positive, however. One CISO of a US state emailed me and threatened all kinds of legal action claming that icanhazip.com was involved in a malware infection in his state’s computer systems. I tried repeatedly to explain how the site worked and that the malware authors were calling out to my site and I was powerless to stop it.

          Shades of when CentOS hacked Oklahoma City’s website.

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            Always vaguely annoyed when Cloudflare takes over more stuff

            I’m genuinely curious as to why? Cloudflare seems at least so far the least “evil” of large internet companies.

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              Cloudflare seems at least so far the least “evil” of large internet companies.

              Still, I would prefer it to be more decentralized. Lots of Internet traffic is already going through CF.

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                The protocols that the Internet relies on have an inherent centralising effect on Internet services. While a decentralised Internet would be nice, I don’t know of any good proposals for making this happen while also solving the numerous problems to do with how to share power and control in a decentralised manner while still maintaining efficiency and functionality.

                inb4 blockchain :eyeroll:

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                Unless cloudflare turns out to be working closely with no such agency. Then the decentralization crowd will be vindicated and we will still need to solve all the problems cloudflare solves for us.

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                  Of course the decentralisation crowd solve them right now instead of waiting.

                  There’s always someone in the peanut gallery who’s vindicated, because the peanut gallery is rich in opinions. For any opinion, there’s someone who holds it, doesn’t volunteer or otherwise act on it, is vindicated on reddit/hn/…/here if something bad happens or can be alleged to happen, and blames the people who did volunteer.

                  Blaming those who volunteer is a shameful thing to do IMNSHO.

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                It looks like the site (though still managed by post author) migrated entirely to Cloudflare’s systems in 2020 or so.