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      One thing I like about Goat Counter is its lightweight UI that loads without a noticeable delay. I may go for Plausile for some sites for the features Goat Counter doesn’t have, but it’s trading those features for spinner-free UI.

      Also, not using Google Analytics (or anything) on your site is easy… when other people are involved, it becomes much harder, especially if your project is not a website/service, and you want to offload that work to someone else.

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        Fair point.

        Staying lean and lightweight has been a goal of mine with Plausible. Of course, tradeoffs have been made. As the UI grew more complex I started using React but now I’m planning to move to Preact to save on bundle size.

        The spinners are there because the actual stats engine is quite naive at the moment. I don’t pre-aggregate any of these graphs and they take linear time to draw. It worked fine for a while but this approach is starting to become a problem.

        The next things on my list are adding annual plans and then re-writing the stats engine. The goal is to fetch these graphs in constant time, under 500ms at minimum but a good goal would be 200ms.

        No promises, but you can expect less spinning in the near-term future :)

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        Looks similar to Clicky.

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          https://simpleanalytics.com/ is another alternative in the same space (no cookies, GDPR-compliant, more privacy oriented, “we don’t track you”).

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            yeah that’s another option!

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            47 Percent Of Consumers Are Blocking Ads wow! Pretty good stuff!

            PS: https://docs.plausible.io/ has google analytics running - WTF?!!

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              We’re using Gitbook for docs and it looks like they include the GA script even when you don’t have it configured. That’s terrible, thanks for pointing it out.

              I guess it shows how pervasive GA really is.

              I’ve considered self-hosting our docs previously. This is a good reason to stop using Gitbook and make the move. Cheers.

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                If I made one domain remove GA, it is a happy day for me – cheers!

                PS: I’m happy to see that your analytics is not blocked in uBlock Origin.

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                  Hosting your docs on GitHub Pages is pretty easy. Just need to learn your way around Jekyll.

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                  47 Percent Of Consumers Are Blocking Ads

                  Wow, that’s great news!

                  To celebrate, here’s a list of uBlock Origin-compatible filters to block all the annoyances on Forbes: