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    Properly researching, and writing new articles on often-misunderstood basic Docker concepts.

    Working on my real-world webdev tutorial series, about writing a Flask app, deploying it and doing other tasks besides webdev which are necessary to make a sideproject successful.

    Oh, and exchanging time for currency. Gotta keep that metabolism going.

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      I’m using a mix of mac-notes-app to scribble down quick TODOs and notes. It’s synced with my phone and macbook, which makes it convenient and always available (especially on the go), but nothing you’d want to use for longterm storage or organization.

      I use Trello borads for structured processes, and to keep track of mid-and really-long-term stuff. It’s more for planning than having a tool to look back at a week or month.

      The biggest game changer for me though, was starting to always carry a pen & hardcover notebook, using the bullet journal system to have structured monthly/weekly plans and daily tasks/notes, which you can revisit after fixed periods of time to look at what has happened.

      Just having those is not enough though. From working on my own business and while being a co-founder, I had to make it a conscious effort to sit down weekly/monthly/at the end of a day, and review what I have achieved. Not only review, but write down the results in a separate doc, which is meant to “for me in the future”, if that makes sense. Just having stuff in your notebook is not enough and will not magically result in learnings, accurate reflection or reports.