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    I feel like a better title would be “What do you think about my approach to hiring?”

    That, to me, is the focus of this article and I agree 100% with the premise of the author. Hiring is about determining ‘fit’. I agree. The question I feel is interesting here is “is it appropriate to ask questions intended to misdirect the interviewee in the hopes of exposing their personality in an indirect way?”.

    I avoid and do not use, what appears to me to be, manipulative approaches to interviewing. I’m interested in other people’s experiences.

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      And, to follow up, is this the equivalent of the ‘golf balls on a plane’ (or whatever) question in the “social” domain and does it not have the same questionable effectiveness.

      Do a paid probation period of one month would be my response to hiring tactics questions. But who has the time?

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      I’m working on a rails app that will be my first launched startup. I’ve had millions* of ideas but never shipped because there has never been a deadline but this app is a love letter to my partner of 15 years so it has to be done by May 30th, our 10th anniversary! She’ll be the first beta user. :D

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        What a lovely gift. Congratulations to you both!

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          Thank you.