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    This guy is such a champ.

    Found something that he wishes was better and took it upon himself (for over a year!) to research solutions and organize work to help loads of people, for free.

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      I just signed up here today to thank you for this comment. It has been added it to my list I look at to cheer me up when I’m having a hard day.

      It’s been an interesting process to motivate myself to work on a willpower-intensive goal as long as this one. Especially since the end result is uncertain. Even the issue continuing to get attention is uncertain. So it’s really hard to get motivated sometimes. But the enthusiasm of people like you helps carry me, and I’m optimistic that this long-term goal will not continue forever. Ideally it will continue < 2 years, and continue to help Linux adoption thereafter. :D

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        Oh no, thank you!

        If I was a better person I’d be helping all the open source projects out there that I use all the time. (Hint: I’m not) But you are! I was really impressed with your no-nonsense practicality

        I hope you’re getting the help and support you need. Maybe Ubuntu or Red Hat would sponsor you if you asked - they definitely should.