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    : wiedi@maze ~ ; echo $PS1
    : \[\e[0;32m\]\u\[\e[39m\]@\[\e[0;32m\]\h\[\e[39m\] \w \[\e[91;1m\]; \[\e[39m\]\[\e[0m\]

    The “:” and “;” make it easy to copy and paste for documentation.

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      Mach4 and OSF Mach also had something similar, named Migrating Threads [1], where the servers acted as passive objects while client’s threads migrated to them to serve the RPC.

      While coming from different conceptual backgrounds, the actual implementation and improvements achieved are quite similar. In the end, both are replacing costly, scheduler-driven context switches, with immediate light ones.


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        interesting! This also looks very similar to “doors” in illumos: + described a bit more for Solaris here:

      1. 2 lists 17 platforms. Why the illumos tag? I don’t see anything Solaris-specific on the Con page.

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          while pkgsrc supports many plattforms it is also the default package system on NetBSD and SmartOS, one of the illumos distributions. So it is probably of special interest in those two communities.

          pkgsrcCon is a pretty open conference and everyone interested in packaging or portability will be welcome of course!

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            I didn’t know that! Thanks for explaining.

            Maybe that should be advertised on the pkgsrc landing page? I think it’s a feather in the cap for pkgsrc and NetBSD that another OS has picked it up as its default.

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            We’re really not Solaris anymore, and haven’t been for almost a decade. I don’t think the talks are up yet but I can find out if the people we employ at Joyent to focus on pkgsrc are going!

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              As I believe Oracle Solaris is dead or in effect dead, isn’t illumos the Solariest OS out there, and maybe the de facto Solaris?

              If I want the unique features of Solaris from a decade ago, isn’t illumos the place to go and aren’t they mostly still unique features?

              You make it sound like being associated with Solaris would be a bad thing. :-)

              pkgsrc platforms page still says Solaris / SmartOS / illumos. :-)

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                If you wanted to run Solaris on your sparc hardware, illumos wouldn’t be my first stop.

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                  What would be?

                  Is that really a unique feature of Solaris, though? NetBSD and Linux both run on Sparc, IIRC.

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            suggest tag: openbsd

            This topic should be interesting to anyone running OpenBSD as it also discusses part of the development process of the Meltdown patch on the OpenBSD side and collaboration between the projects.

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              You’re right.

              Is this something I can edit (but am unable to figure out how to do) or is this only possible for moderators?

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                if enough people hit the ‘suggest’ option and enter the same tag it will be automatically applied, like it happened with this story:

                2018-02-24 13:29 -0600 (Users) Story: A long two months Action: changed tags from “security unix” to “security unix openbsd” Reason: Automatically changed from user suggestions


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              How about solaris, so it covers all possibilities?

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                solaris today means oracle solaris. illumos as a project and as a community stand for very different things even if the code history is shared.

                Sometimes terms such as solarish or SunOS (after uname) are used to mean both, the closed version and it’s open source descendants, but I’m not sure how meaningful such a tag would be.

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                  Isn’t Solaris dead?

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                    No, Oracle just released a new version like, a week ago. Plus you’d cover any other Solaris forks that exist.

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                      Wouldn’t OpenIndiana or OpenSolaris be a better name?

                      Oracle fired pretty much all Solaris and SPARC engineers in 2017.

                      As far as I know any work on Solaris is limited to maintenance, and no new features are planned.

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                        illumos is the community continuation of OpenSolaris. OpenIndiana is one of the illumos distributions, but there are others like SmartOS, OmniOS and Tribblix.

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                          I mean, it seems like naming the linux tag ubuntu to me. Cover all branches with the parent.

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                            There’s been almost 10 years of divergence between Illumos and (Open)Solaris. I think it would be more like having a 4.4BSD tag to cover all of {Net,Free,Open,Dragonfly}BSD.

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                              Mhh, I thought that my naming ideas were more inclusive, because Solaris in my mind refers to the proprietary product, while e.g. OpenSolaris covers all the descendants from the open source project.

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                                While we descended from OpenSolaris, that name doesn’t really refer to anything anymore. We (illumos) have been a wholly separate thing for around a decade now.