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    This is my last week as an Engineering Director at Rent the Runway.

    I’m currently working on getting sonic-sketches, my music generation program written in Clojure & Overtone, set up inside of a Vagrant environment for the purposes of turning it into a bot:

    I’ve been working on this project for some time and have been sending out logs of my progress from:

    As of this afternoon, I’ve gotten the program running and generating music inside of my Ubuntu VirtualBox.

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      How does this organization relate to (or conflict with) Ruby Central? Seems like the mission is the same?

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        Ruby Central basically does two things: pay for’s hosting, and administer Ruby/Rails Conf. That’s basically it. We are looking to pay for development on core Ruby infrastructure. They’re certainly kind of similar in ways, but also different.

        It’s worth noting that Sarah Mei is a director at Ruby Central, and also on our board.

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          I’d like to add that a different book and a different name it simplifies bookkeeping and outreach a lot.

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          We just announced a small partnership with Ruby Central