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    So why is no one complaining about the article not being related to tech? -Apparently sometimes it’s alright after all.

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      Well, Grace Hopper did a thing with computers or two…

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        Barely covered by the article, unfortunately. Just because Alan Kay eats a meatball sandwich doesn’t make an article on sandwiches a good submission here. :)

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          I have no clue what he did, and I’m not particularly interested either. But the man himself was not tech :)

          Either way, the thread generated quite a lot of interesting discussion.

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            You really couldn’t be bothered to take two minutes to Google “Grace Hopper”? First off - she, not he. Literally invented the first compiler for a programming language.

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              Yeah, I just genuinely didn’t care enough. What’s the problem with that?

              But even if she invented the first compiler, discussing her is not the same as discussing tech. That much seems obvious.

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                I would argue that understanding the history of computers and the people who made them work is discussing tech. I could be in the minority here, but I do think it is important.

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                  understanding the history of computers and the people who made them work is discussing tech

                  That’s like saying “apples are bananas”.

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                    More like apples and bananas being discussed on a forum about fruit.

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              oy vey

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                I’m curious, what does “oy vey” mean? :)

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                  Yiddish vernacular for expressing exasperation or incredulity.

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            Some of us did, and the degree to which its alright is contested.

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            I use FastMail for my email, calendar, and contacts. It’s simple, fast, and high quality. I really like that it works with known standards (CalDav, CardDav, etc.) rather than creating more walled gardens.

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              I want to use FastMail, but I need a way to continue to be able to use the same address for Google Talk/Hangouts in a web client, including voice and video support.

              If only Google chat technologies used open standards, aargh.

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                They did support XMPP, until Hangouts didn’t.

                The dream of federated messaging is alive in P…. it’s just dead. None of the popular ones from Slack to Telegram to Signal to whatever else support them. Facebook killed theirs, and it didn’t even federate.

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                  I don’t know if I’ve been grandfathered into anything special but I’m still able to do that. The email address that I use with FastMail was once attached to a Google Apps account. I am still able to use that account with web Hangouts. I have not tried Google Talk.

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                    Yes, you can have a Google account without Gmail, but where is the Hangouts/Talk URL? The problem is that Hangouts is inside the Gmail app. So how do you connect to Hangouts?

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                      This URL? https://hangouts.google.com/

                      EDIT: Just read the comment below this one… Link is there too.

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                    You can use whatever email address you want when you create your Google account. By default, Google wants to create a Gmail account for you to use but you can opt for your current email address.

                    Personally, I have my email setup at Fastmail and I use the very same email address to log into my Google Account and use Hangouts in the browser.

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                      You can have any e-mail for a Google account, but how do you use Hangouts/Talk, when the Hangouts interface is inside Gmail?

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                        It’s also available at https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts

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                          Thanks, I didn’t know about that!

                          I must say it doesn’t solve my problems though. While I said Google Talk/Hangouts for generality, in reality I only use Google Talk. I had many, many, many problems with Hangouts (not to mention that it’s more ugly and dysfunctional than sin). But many thanks!

                          Edit: I found a much more serious problem. That thing does not work if you pop-out the windows, then close the originating tab. While this is also true for Gmail, I have that tab opened anyway, by necessity. But if I move my mail to FastMail I would have no desire to keep a random Google window tab opened at all times.

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                            You might be able to get around that if you use Google Chrome and use your Google Account. You should be able to use Google Talk from the pop-up window.

                            Big caveat: it works for me but I think that’s due to the fact that I got a Google Apps for Your Domain a while back, when they were free and I was grandfathered into that account. Since then, I moved to Fastmail but I never closed by GAYD account (I can sign in and go to Gmail, which is empty) so I can use Hangouts and Google Talk. If you have a paid account and you close it, chances are you won’t be able it use Google Talk.

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                              What happens to the chat archives? Where are they saved? Can you still view them somehow?

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                  Take a look at Indiehackers. Not all of them follow that business model, but all run by single developers.

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                    Working on client projects, but more interestingly trying to build an RSS reader that fits with modern web development/design/architecture standards.

                    Looking for input on that too! What kind of things would you all like to see in a new RSS reader?

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                      I happily pay for NewsBlur. It’s not perfect, but it has good mobile clients, which is by far the most important aspect of a news reader.

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                        I like NewsBlur (and the whole model around it), but use tt-rss for my RSS consumption (I can’t remember exactly why, but I think it was the simpler, easier-to-manage deployment).

                        A few things I like:

                        1. Client/server model (I much prefer it to client only). Nice to have is multi-user/multi-tenant deployment with support for the major open source databases.
                        2. Plugins and themes.
                        3. Good mobile support. For me this means supporting an API that third party mobile apps use (eg, Fever). I can then use apps like Reeder (for iOS/Mac) or The Old Reader (iPad) to read feeds. I like reading feeds offline (eg, on the train), so this is crucial.
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                      This article is not really very good at describing why classes in JS are a bad idea. So, instead of kicking a lame puppy, let’s discuss why we think or don’t think that JS classes are good.

                      Here are some reasons against that I’ve either given or heard, regardless of coherence:

                      1. Classes in JS hide too much of how JS actually works, continuing to coddle developers and encourage stupid practices.
                      2. JS is a prototype language, and using classes pollutes this.
                      3. JS does not have an interesting/capable/non-vegatative type system and is not compiled, so classes are really badly shoehorned in–classes being at least partially a type problem.
                      4. JS does not have an interesting inheritance story–classes being at least partially an OOP problem.
                      5. OOP is literally Donald Trump trying to build -Wall and make developers pay for it with yuge scary design–the future is purely functional and so the class keyword is a tool of the alt right to pollute our namespaces and deregulate our codebases.
                      6. Classes in JS are fine but a keyword for them is too much stop adding things to JS ffs.
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                        JS is a prototype language, and using classes pollutes this.

                        One of the counterarguments, though I have no real opinion on which side here has the better arguments, is that in practice much JS code uses the prototype mechanism to produce class-style OO anyway. And that in fact this is so widespread that JS runtimes detect these latent classes for optimization purposes (I believe V8 pioneered this, borrowing some old techniques from Self compilers). So, one argument goes, one might as well reify these kinds of classes on the programmer side too, rather than making people simulate class-based OO through prototype-based OO.

                        1. 2

                          I wrote the page in a bad, coffee-deprived stupor and the arguments you made here really are a lot more clear than what I put down. I reworked the page a bit, but if you interested I would love a pull request to make the page better.

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                          I’ve got a couple books:

                          Fiction: The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

                          Nonfiction: Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg

                          And every now and then I read some of the You Don’t Know JS books, by Kyle Simpson

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                            I really liked the you don’t know JS series, I breezed through it, and then last year we got the chance to have one week training with the author. He uses too many if else’s and for loops for my tastes, and he’s incredibly opinionated but truly, truly inspiring. the ones on this, objects & proto and async are great.

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                            My music tastes change a lot throughout the week (or even day). Right now I am in a Quiet Company mood. I’ve been working on curating a focus playlist for a bit now and I have a few more curated playlists coming soon. Aside from that, I dig some of the stuff on the New Music Friday playlist and my personal Discover Weekly playlist.

                            Also, if you haven’t seen the Spotify Found Them First website and subsequent playlist generator, I highly recommend checking it out. Found some great tunes from that.