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    I appreciated that the author described whiteboard interviews as a “hazing ritual”. That’s exactly what it felt like the last time I endured one.

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      Code reviews should be foremost a check on functionality, performance, readability, maintainability and security. Does it do the thing correctly and safely without breaking anything else? Can I reason about it without having to ask you how it works? Beyond that, most contributions are just pedantry.

      Code reviewing is a fantastic tool for preventing bugs; indeed, probably the best tool we have. Unfortunately, as a professional practice, it also tends to attract fussbudgets, pedants, and people trying to arrogate authority and have time-consuming, asynchronous philosophical debates about stuff that doesn’t help move the project forward.

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        No matter how many Vim Tips & Tricks articles I encounter, I always learn something new

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          I’m not sure if Bram Moolenaar himself knows everything his own software is capable off.