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    Nothing. I worked as a fulltime system admin and then part-time devops for 10+ years in total. So it’s not that I can’t. But I find it very time consuming. I cloud/vendor-host everything I have. Maybe it’s because I am getting lazier, older, or both :)

    The main thing I am doing with my non self-hosting services is trying to make them more secure, better privacy, redundant, simpler and with a good documentation about what’s where.

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      I also tried building the same idea. I also thought of sharing the recipes in a github repository, like 1.

      Instead of sharing updates (which I rarely do) I was planning to build a personal data manager/updater.

      Messaging part is also important for me for privacy reasons. i don’t like how facebook uses cookies to track everything, so I want to be able to track all messaging on Whatsapp and Facebook.

      The biggest challenge was the things that does not give an API, like whatsapp.

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        I wonder if tools/scrapers like cheerio could help. Then again, you’re at the mercy of these platforms without APIs.

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          Yes, Cheerio was my primary tool.

          I think the biggest problem was, it required too much work. I have around 500 websites in my password manager. As I mentioned before, a collaborative open source repository could have helped a lot…

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        In 2020

        • As someone who almost only used scripting/functional* languages like PHP, JS/TS/Node.js, Python…, I want to write an application with a full OOP, probably with Java/Spring
        • I also want to test out WASM, Kubernetes and React
        • I want to improve/use more of TypeScript

        *: Not %100 sure if the terminology is correct