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    The ‘desktop’ is whatever the machine happens to stand on, currently the kitchen table. When booted - which I don’t do all that often as the machine quietly goes to sleep when the lid is closed - the screen is black except for a ‘login:’ line top left. Log in and it shows a console in small print - 1600x1200 T42p with a small console font worth of small print. If I want X I run startx which… gives me a black screen with a narrow bar on top:

    Look well or you’ll miss that bar. Left shows the 9 workspaces and the window management state indicator, middle hte window title (currently not showing any window so no title), right the tray icons (shutter for screenshots, Telegram) and some system state indicators (conky).

    A more typical screen looks like this:

    10 terminals running various tools - currently working on Peertube.

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      What’s the media player name ?

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      Using xfce (with metabox), as I have for most of the time I have been using linux. One panel up top with window buttons and various dials and gizmos. Front and center is Firefox. I recently upgraded my ram, and have been spending most of it on even more open tabs. I have a fairly standard array of addons (at least for this site), the notable exceptions being FoxyProxy for when I occasionally need to use a proxy, and RES for my favorite non-lobsters link aggregation site. On my second monitor is KVIrc, which I have recently gone back to after years of using different irc clients. I haven’t configured the theme to my liking yet, and it is honestly a bit more colorful than I prefer. In my other workspace I have my terminal, which is relatively unmodified from the default xfce4 terminal, except for the colorscheme (solarized dark). At some point I may move to a tiling wm, but I haven’t had the impetus to make the jump yet.

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        What distro ?

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        My ThinkPad T410 running Void Linux: Screenshot

        Pretty simple, utilitarian, setup. Using i3 window manager purely because it’s quick to configure to how I like it, rofi for program start/menu, tint2 for status bar. Terminals are urxvt and a minimal zsh. That’s a radare2 session and a blurry weechat instance ;)

        Used to run OpenBSD on this thing with a very similair setup, but it doesn’t play nice with roaming PEAP when I’m at work. Might go back to it when that’s a bit nicer to set up.

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          Were you reverse engineering something ?

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          I’ve been using for 15 years. You don’t even need to register. Just create a custom url and memorize it. You can then access it from any browser anywhere on any device. It’s always been free.

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            12/ The best predictor of future performance is recent performance in similar situations.

            37/ Ask the receptionist how the candidate treated them.

            41/ We leave too much of recruiting to Recruiting teams. Functional teams should take more responsibility for their own recruiting.

            51/ The critical recruiting problem most companies face is attracting candidates, not filtering them. Yet most focus on filtering.

            54/ Resumes show if the candidate can write a coherent document (which is important, and many candidates can’t do). But not much more.

            57/ Be careful when interpreting reference checks; most people are poor judges of talent.

            69/ If “people leave managers, not companies”, do they also “join managers, not companies”?

            What are your favorites ?

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              If “people leave managers, not companies”, do they also “join managers, not companies”?

              FWIW I’d answer “often, yes” to that one – of tech jobs I’ve taken in the past 15-ish years, only one didn’t have my impression of the manager I’d be working for as a heavy influence on my decision to accept an offer, and the last two were explicitly taken based on my liking of/trust in the manager who hired me.

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                Yeah, I’ve seen this quite often. Not that they would go out of their way to join their old manager but if they wanted to leave, very often getting in contact with their old manager, or the other way round.

                It’s not even a fine line between trying to grab all your ex-coworkers to join you or a simple “if you’re ever looking for a job, call me”.

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                local machine as simple user

                ychaouche#ychaouche-PC 13:59:33 /mnt/partage_local/VIDEOS/SCREENCASTS $

                Distant machine as root

                root@messagerie[] /usr/local/scripts/mail #