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    Any chance for a stack build recipe, alongside nix ?

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      Do you mean a digital ocean stack?

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      The response from the moderators of the Elm subreddit to this post is perhaps a good example of some of the things described by the author. Characterization of this post as abusive is something that sticks out.

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        That reads like a copy paste that’s not actually in response to the article?

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          They actually did lock the post. As in here’s how we prove you right.

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            One interesting thing I immediately noticed about that is that it isn’t a single moderate (despite them having them) – it is a collective, the “elm_mods”. This feels like a shield allow the mods to be harsher than they might be as an individuals because no individual is ever responsible for the posts from “elm_mods”.

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            I found the info file to be a great way of going through SICP with geiser+emacs. Was playing around with it just earlier this week!

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              Which info file ?

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                Texinfo can be compiled into info files using the makeinfo tool.

                In this post, the info file can be generated from this texinfo file: https://github.com/sarabander/sicp-pdf/blob/master/src/sicp.texi