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    I Force Quit apps because they are bad, not for vague reasons like this.

    If I let Audible run with a sleep timer, the next time I use it the audio stutters until I FQ.

    Sometimes the Facebook app stops being able to access the Internet until a FQ.

    Sometimes Twitter forgets to give me a back button to go back to the main feed (thankfully haven’t seen this one recently)

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      Yeah, I use it as a troubleshooting step or to ensure Internet access is disabled. Certain apps, like Amazon or FB will almost always get a force close from me because I also use them infrequently.

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      I’m hoping to be able to dive into Sound Pi. At a meetup, someone highlighted how far it has come and they were doing some pretty cool stuff in it. I recently was introduced to https://fo.am/midimutant/ and I think that I develop a cool hobby making some music.