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White nerd who grew up in mostly-poor environments with country rednecks, black gangstas, and few opportunities. Well-off just long enough to know how skewed system was. Became a survalist, engineer, researcher, scientist, reformer, and civil rights activist. I verbally shredded people for fun in religion and politics. I was an awful person.

In security, I focused on tech and practices to secure systems and boost human potential. In security, my specialty was high-assurance security to defend against nation-state attackers (esp inventing/evaluating techniques). That’s systems provably invulnerable to known classes of attack, limiting damage of unknown classes, recovering to safe state after any attack, and optionally fault-tolerant techniques to keep them at five 9’s reliability.

Currently (officially June 2020):

Called by, returned to, and growing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then, I’ve experienced personal transformation, miracles, and more. 2020 went from a nightmare to an adventure! It all started with the promises of the Word of God (Bible).

The Word of God impacted over a billion people of all types in more than 196 countries. Tells us about who God is, us, our problems, His solution, and much wisdom. Takes a long time to read, though.

For that reason, I put up a site with a 3-min Gospel and proof it’s true like in a courtroom. Humble yourself, open your mind, ask God to speak to you, and His Spirit will tell you it’s true. For Christians, I’ve drafted a site to teach them to share the Gospel in about 8 minutes. My personal site has brief version of my story which also proves the Bible is true. There’s simply no psychological or scientific explanation for much of what’s happened: only God could do it. I put my old sins up, too, in case anyone believes they’re too far gone for Jesus to love. He loves His lost ones. He doesn’t let go of us.

All of my comments here are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.