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My hobby was tech and practices to secure systems and boost human potential. In security, my specialty was high-assurance security to defend against nation-state attackers (esp inventing/evaluating techniques). That’s systems provably invulnerable to known classes of attack, limiting damage of unknown classes, recovering to safe state after any attack, and optionally fault-tolerant techniques to keep them at five 9’s reliability.

I spent all my time at dead-end jobs and online that let me interact with tens of thousands of people for less-noble reasons. I was an arrogant jerk motivated by ego, PTSD, and demons. Although many loved my posts, others hated how I trolled them to feel superior. I apologize if you were one of them.

Currently (officially June 2020):

God got tired of me. He crushed me. A whole series of events, including a miracle, happened that proved He was real. Jesus Christ led me to ask forgiveness for my sins, repent, and surrender to Him back in June 2020. Life has been an adventure since. I put up the Gospel with proof it’s true here. That site also my story so you can see that Jesus can save and use even the most broken, wicked, and skeptical person.

If you’re a believer, we’re called to love and obey God, spend time with Him (esp in His Word), share Jesus with others, and love and serve them. If you do these things, you will experience more of His presence in your life while impacting theirs here and in eternity. I teach people how to do this on Any on-site content is public domain: free for all uses.