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Currently (officially June 2020):

Called by, returned to, and growing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Turning my mind and goals toward heavenly things. God has been dropping one surprise or unlikely event after another Romans 8:28-style. May the love, grace, and peace of Jesus Christ be with you Lobsters. :)

Edit 12/23/20: Recently made an attempt to put the Gospel in context: who God is, who we are, the problem, how Jesus solves it, and what happens when you accept Him. It should take 5-7 minutes to read. I’ve included plenty of verses that also pop-up on hover if desktop/laptop. It’s here.


Security researcher specializing in high-assurance solutions: systems with rigorous design and assurance argument to ensure the failures stay rare plus recoverable. Especially countering subversion or attacks from high-strength attackers. Also, try to dig up and post insights from academic research, CompSci history, and obscure sources.

All of my comments here are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Use and improve on them however you want, free or commercially, so long as you give credit for my contribution. :)