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I’ve been putting and keeping things on the Internet for 20 years, including back-end game infrastructure on various and varied platforms, and a prominent consumer IoT platform, amongst others.

The first software I ever released was Shareware for the ATARI ST. The first job I ever had was writing IBM S/390 Assembler. Since then I’ve been through C, Perl, Ruby. Today I mainly write Go.

I’m an SRE. I write software to automate the provisioning and maintenance of Cloud Infrastructure. In general, that’s the easy bit.

If you’ve read this far then I can trust you enough to tell you I’m also the mystery operator of The service aggregates public IP address range manifests from prominent cloud providers and CDNs and provides two different query interfaces over them. The code for the service isn’t public but the libraries it is built on are. digaws was featured in the Last Week In AWS newsletter.

I’m available for hire.