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website: twitter: @sjstrutt email: irc: stevenola @freenode #startups

I’m a full-stack developer at an advertising agency in New Orleans, LA.

In my day job, I primarily work with WordPress, Expression Engine, and a custom GluePHP/PHP-ActiveRecord/Savant3|Handlebars framework.

I run a side-business called Send To My Cloud, that allows users to create a webpage where their users can upload content directly into their dropbox.

I run another successful side-business called Private Forms, that allows users to create webforms, with PGP-encrypted submissions.

I also curate the Archive, a History of PC ANSI & ASCII Art, from 1990-present.

Some other projects I’ve written: - A troubleshooting tool that allows users to easily share their browser info (version, plugins, features & CSS capabilities) with developers. - An Android app to find local music in New Orleans.