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      Been working on my site almost every week for a while now The idea is to help men learn how to style clothes through experimentation by using capsule wardrobes (You can skip the sign in and see the capsules here - ). It’s still early days so I’m still quite embarrassed about it since it doesn’t have all the features I’d like it too.

      I just keep going over it, refining the design or functionality and never really reaching out to people. Maybe it’s the fear of rejection, I don’t know… But I figured this week I should try reaching out to different bloggers and see what they make of it and if they thing it’s actually a useful tool. (If anyone has any tips or advice on how to get over the initial fear of trying to get people to use what you built even if you’re still embarrassed about it, please share :o )

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        So a capsule is like a set of clothes for a specific use case? I like this!

        I’ve been really minimalist for the past, well, however many years. So I can definitely see the appeal. If I want to “do thing” and there’s a recommended minimal (good) set of stuff to do “a thing”, I’d seriously look at it.

        And really minimalist means 2 shirts, 2 pants, x underwear (hey, if you really want to know, I’m not shy about sharing), compact jacket, compact rainjacket, etc. All in all, under 8kg. Happy to share more if that would make a good capsule

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          Yup! That’s pretty much the concept. Users can create capsule’s based on an occasion and can share it with the community (I’ve found most guys seem to shop on a “needs” basis, i.e. need clothes for work, or that date, etc so that was the inspiration). On a personal level, I had also found that if I saw an outfit online, and maybe I didn’t like the jacket I’d struggle to see how else I could wear it, or how to make it work with clothes I already owned. So a capsule gives you a kind of framework where you can swap clothes and make different combinations knowing each combination should work to varying degrees. But user’s can also “stitch” outfits (i.e. ‘like’) So you can see the most popular combos. I’ve created a wardrobe feature as well, with the future intention of allowing users to search for capsules or outfits that contain items they own. I’ve got a lot of features I want to add and it just seems that there are too few hours in a day along with full time work

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        With respect to reaching out, allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

        For what it’s worth, I really like the idea :)

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      “Broken” would be the one word to describe my setup. I keep getting “extension host terminated unexpectedly” :|

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      I have read 79 books since last month’s thread on about August 1st.
      Here are the few I would recommend.

      • Prisoners of Geography - 5 stars This book explains a lot of international relations in terms of geography.
      • Dead Water Creek and Cold Dark Matter - Alex Brett, 4 stars. This is a two book mystery series. The first book has the main character investigating scientific grant fraud in Vancouver, BC.
      • Katie - Michael McDowell, 4 stars. This is quite dark historical horror.
      • Blood Rubies - Michael McDowell, 4 stars. Horror.
      • Antique Dust - Robert Westall, 4 stars. Horror short stories.
      • Gideon the Ninth - Tamsyn Muir, 4 stars. I can’t do justice to this book but karen’s review is excellent.
      • The Survivor - Dennis Parry, 4 stars. Horror.
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        As someone who loves horror I’m always looking for good recommendations. Thanks for this.

        Also…79 books in roughly two months? Impressive.

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        That’s amazing. How much time do you spend reading? How did you learn fast reading? Do you always read fast?

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        How?! :o How do you read so fast?! I’ve only managed to read 29 since the beginning of the year! Any tips/tutorials you can point us to?

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        That’s impressive! I have Gideon the Ninth waiting to be read, so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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      I had requiters from FB/Uber/Google/etc contacting me but they will probably reference check, notice I got fired and pass.

      Why a recruiter should pass on you just because you got fired?

      Genuine question, I’ve never heard of such behavior from recruiters.

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        There is no way a recruiter will pass on you. They work on commission. As a software developer recruiters can be very pushy and annoying when they are looking for candidates… The flip side of that is they are probably equally pushy with the employers. From my experience, they will do anything and everything to get you hired… After all, if you get hired, they get paid - My last recruiter even managed to get me a salary bump above what I was asking for. We’ve all worked in shitty companies like the one you were at. Everyone can relate. I’ve interviewed loads of people and when someone says they were fired, if the interview went well, the most thought you give it is “Oh. That went well. I wonder why they were fired? They seem like a good fit. It’s a ‘yes’ from me”… We hired someone who got fired from his last company because he insisted “you all code like retarded monkies” 😂 Now, that should raise some alarm bells, but he ended up being one of our best developers and an absolutely great guy to work with! 😂

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          Also, looking at all the positive responses in here it should be clear to see that if you explain your situation, in the same way, it will probably be met with the same response by future employers… If not, then you probably don’t want to work for them. It would probably be the same kind of company

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        No I mean, once the company gets to the reference check stage, realizes I got fired, I imagine they’d bin me. Too much of a liability right?

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          Why would you think that? I’ve interviewed for jobs as a professional multiple times in different cities, and interviewed dozens of people for jobs at companies I’ve worked for. Nobody has ever cared about the circumstances of how you left your last job. It’s good to be prepared to explain it in a professional way (“We realized that I was not a good fit for the position because X”), but it shouldn’t be a big deal.

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          Not at all.

          First, most hiring managers are human and mature enough to understand that people get fired for bullshit reasons all the time. I’m not going to claim it won’t weigh on their decision, but it absolutely won’t be a dealbreaker. (And ask yourself if you really want to work under someone with so little sympathy they can’t understand an unjustified termination.)

          Second, if they don’t find out until the end of the hiring decision, then as long as you haven’t been outright lying to them about the circumstances of your departure (“everything was great, I was just looking for something new”), they’ve already made a decision and invested a bunch of time and energy into you. They’re unlikely to drop you at that point just for having been fired from your last job.

          (You should feel free, by the way, not to talk about why you left in detail. Say something like “it was difficult and not amicable and I’d rather not discuss it”—all of which is clearly true—and recruiters and interviewers should have the tact to drop it.)

          As a final bit of advice, since you’re clearly very burnt on tech employment right now, you should take as much time as you can afford to recover and recenter. Pushing harder into burnout is counterproductive. Instead, travel; expand your hobbies; work on personal projects; whatever. People making hiring decisions will also be experienced enough to have dealt with burnout (and again: do you want to work under someone who doesn’t?). I think even just a few days will help you calm and get a more objective view of your circumstances.

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          Bear in mind - you get to supply your references. It’s completely normal to provide, for instance, the address of a senior engineer who you had a good relationship with rather than the manager with whom you didn’t. It’s basically not done—to go around asking people for references if you didn’t offer them.

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          If a company will make a decision of not hiring you based only on your previous employer’s point of view, then I’d say it’s a shitty place to work in as well.

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          Others have said it in more convincing prose, but I want to chime in with similar:
          You lose at 100% of the opportunities you don’t pursue.

          It is a pithy quip but has a kernel of truth.
          Don’t defeat yourself before you’ve even begun.

          An added anecdote: I have had to fire a solid engineer before, but due to the specifics of the circumstances, I would have been happy to provide a recommendation for a future position if he had requested it.

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          You’re not a liability just because you got fired IMHO.

          Even if you got fired because of some burned production server, I believe that if the team you’re interviewing with thinks you could be a good match for the job, they would hire you anyway.

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          It’s very unlikely. A company can’t say they’ve fired you. In most US states, company can only tell people start/end dates and if they’d rehire. You’re previous company isn’t listed as a reference right (and if they are, remove references entirely from your resume. They shouldn’t be there at all).

          Recruiters just call a ton of people, cast wide nets. It’s not uncommon for them not to call you back, or call you back three months later, or call you for jobs in cities and countries you no longer work in …. seriously fuck recruiters.

          But again, seriously, just plough through recruiters. Give them your time, answer their questions, always request the name of the client, hang up on them if they don’t tell you , don’t give them references (I tell them I’ll give them to the client after and interview, and the client can share them with the recruiter if they want)… don’t let them get you down.

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      Unfortunately, a few(all?) of these require running you through

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        Yeah, I guess. But since the guy/girl went through the effort of compiling the list, I personally don’t mind if they get a small kickback for their efforts and time. It seems fair

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          In the Age of Adblocking, it means they will likely get $0.00 by using such techniques. (requests to that service were killed before it left my network, for example)

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      I’m excited for multiple database support. Finally! However, I’m still frustrated that many of the chronic issues with ActiveStorage still haven’t been solved, nor even looked at seriously. There have been PRs waiting for review for months!

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        I agree it’s frustrating - to me, in particular, because there were several mature community-maintained projects solving the same problem, and 37s rolled their own buggier version and made it the rails default.

        That said, I’m very grateful to have a standard to build on; the fragmentation is a real source of trouble if you’re a library maintainer.

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        There are quite a few good features in this update (Somewhat pleasantly surprised if I’m honest 😅). But yes, they definitely need to sort out ActiveStorage 😒

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      What’s a pirate’s favourite programming language?

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        R! :D

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          Uh, no. A pirate’s first love be the deep C.

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      I’m confused be some of these, for example

      Q: [“hip”,“hip”]

      A: (hip hip array!)

      I don’t even get why that’s a question.

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        ok. I’ll fix it.

        Q: Whaddu you call [“hip”,“hip”]?

        A: You call it: hip hip array!

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          Should probably be “What do you call [“hip”, “hip”]?” or “Whaddu call [“hip”, “hip”]? :p

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            “whaddaya” sounds more how I speak, personally. I do not speak as I type. :)

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          Oh, I was thinking of S-Expressions when I saw (hip hip array!) and I thought it was some array/linked-list joke.

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        This joke works better as a written one-liner. It looks like Wes Bos tried to force it into a uniform format.

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      Been working on this for a while but finally got my landing page up and running :) It’s a platform to inspire and teach men how to style the clothes they already own. It does this my considering looks from human stylists and uses some machine learning to personalise the recommendations 👉

    10. 4 - Been working on this for a few months now but haven’t released to the public yet. It’s app to help learn how to dress by helping them build outfits from clothes they have (or don’t have) in their wardrobe. I’m hoping to add some machine learning to this as soon as I have more data, so really looking forward that :p If anyone want to sign up to the really early stage Alpha release (I think currently sign up by facebook isn’t working), you can do it from here: Sign up to here (Still very buggy :p)