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      I have refactored Tiny-Swiper, now it support life hooks and plugins. It becomes more extensible and flexible for mobile pages.

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      It’s quite hard for me to understand what this acutally is. I followed the link, which mostly says it implements the SwiperJS API to provide swipers, which help with… swiping? scrolling mobile web apps? I was curious enough to search for SwiperJS, which has a whole page of text that doesn’t say more than that it’s a “mobile touch slider”… Demos help finally:

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        Thanks for your feedback. I have to admit that it does seem a little hard to get ‘What is SwiperJS?’ means if we are not FrontEnd Developer. SwiperJS and Tiny-Swiper are both created for html slideshow. I did not consider this people who did not use SwiperJS or some library similar to SwiperJS. I will update the documentation.