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      PSPDFKit CTO here: We’ve been using WebAssembly since 2017 to render PDF documents directly in the browser and strongly believe in the future of the technology.

      We published this benchmark to have a public indicator of the performance gains WebAssembly promises in a real-world product.

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      OTP today already uses the process dictionary to publish information about processes:

      $ancestors and $initial_call are put there and proc_lib:initial_call/1 fetches the pdict for a given pid and reads the $initial_call key. That suffers from the same problem.

      I wish Erlang would allow selectively reading a key from another process' pdict. That would solve a whole class of problems about how to publish information about a process that should be cleaned up when it dies.

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        Wouldn’t the proper thing to do in that case though either be to store that information in the process’s supervisor, or in mnesia or ets or something?

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      The code is open source (MIT licence) and available on GitHub. I’ve not linked to as its currently undergoing a refactoring / documenting process ready for release of v0.1.

      If you’re curious (like I was), I think that’s the code:

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      By calling first in previous versions of Rails, a simple LIMIT 1 would be added to the generated SQL query. This does not guarantee the record with the lowest primary key is returned.

      Calling first in Rails 4 will add an implicit order to the SQL query. This ensures the record with the lowest primary key is returned first.

      Is there anything that’s equivalent to the previous behavior? I always used first when I knew my query will only return one row, so I don’t want to ORDER BY id

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        Found it. It’s called take, a very apt name IMO.

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      I really hope they can manage to get all the postgresql range type support merged in for this release.

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        Is there anything specific that we haven’t merged yet?

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          I would love to have some input on

          I’m just not well-versed enough in PG/AR to know what the right approach is here, but I really want pg’s geotypes in Rails.

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            Yeah I don’t know either. :/

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      Anyone know if I can put nginx behind HAProxy with spdy? I think nginx only deals with spdy if the connection is encrypted, so there’s no way to have HAProxy handle the SSL?

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          Woops, I totally missed that. Thanks for fixing the submission.

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      I know the developer of MindNode and I always told him “I don’t see why anyone would use mindmaps when they can just write lists in Markdown”. Well now I’m going to tell him that I was wrong :)

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      There’s which has a few nice features, amongst them support for halt in Rails. Don’t know if it works on Rails 3.2 though.

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      Tangentially related, can someone recommend a premade solution for failing over PostgreSQL master/slave arrangements?

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      Wow. I remember a blogpost (by @roidrage iirc) where using _ to discard a block variable was introduced.

      Back then I just thought “nice someone used Haskell and just decided to use _ in Ruby like they did in Haskell.”

      I didn’t know there was explicit support for that in MRI.

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      It makes me incredibly happy to finally see PostgreSQL-specific extensions get support in Rails/AR.

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        In general, the Rails team is accepting any pulls to get them into mainline Rails.

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        IMO deploy keys suck if you depend on lots and lots of private repositories. One deploy key can still only be used for one repo right?

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        SSH keys can also be a pain on Windows

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      As someone who’s been putting a lot of time into Rails lately, if you have any questions, ask away.

      There’s still a few things that haven’t landed yet, too…

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        One thing I’m curious about after checking out the slides, will it be possible in Rails 4 to get rid of the dependency on activerecord-deprecated_finders? I’ve stopped using those features in our apps some time ago, so being forced to have this dependency in Rails 4 irks me.

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          Nope. It’ll get removed in 4.1. If it bothers you a lot, you can fork the gem, remove the dep, and use your fork. :)

          If we didn’t include it on Rails itself, when people upgraded, things would blow up.