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      Finishing up scripts that clean up and tag the 60,000 songs for my local karaoke bar, which exist as a disorganized mess of 147,000 MCG, MP3, and MP4 files. Open-sourcing that Python code.

      Celebrating with family in a non-religious gift-giving ceremony.

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      I’m rolling out code I wrote last month, overseeing its testing, and spending as many hours in leisure as I can through the end of the week.

      I’m traveling to visit my family for Christmas. Thankfully, my mother’s mountain fastness has decent internet and reliable power, unlike a couple of her previous residences.

      The code I wrote is mainly quality of life improvements for a CRUD app, replacing interdependent AJAX auto-populating dropdowns and a datagrid with much faster controls that were written in the last decade and handle the workflow without making the user wait. I tested this stuff across our browser matrix to the best of my ability, but I know that I will probably be fixing little issues with the new code into mid-January once the official testing is done.

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      Google Chrome is the new Internet Explorer 6.02. I hate supporting it, but there is no end in sight in the medium term. I went from 11th grade through becoming a Senior Dev before IE 6.02 dropped off the support matrix for every client.

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      Python has batteries included but some of them are puffy and corrosive.

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      I just use whatever’s configured on what are mostly VPSes. Dotfiles take effort. I’ve gotten used to vanilla vim.

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      Taking half of it off because I sprinted hard last week. My sister is sick, has a serious surgery this week. I dropped everything to move into an extended stay hotel near her, temporarily.

      I just found a UX person and am getting ready to have a first UI review with them before I take off.

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      Because I am newly the maintainer of the primary app I work on, and I have not yet decided what the architecture for SaaS (as opposed to .NET desktop) clients will be.

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      I recently got back into .NET work. I am a recovering Mac user (I see the platform as dying, and 3 keyboard replacements made me mad). I don’t like FAANG.

      Windows 10, Visual Studio 2019, SQL Server Management Studio 2017. WSL, Git. Vim, Notepad++. GIMP. ProtonVPN. Firefox with Containers, Privacy Badger, uBlock, and LastPass. Thunderbird. Riot, Signal Desktop, Discord. Foobar2000. For music work, REAPER, Audacity, MuseScore.