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      After reading the whole post, I must say it’s still very difficult for me to understand what NeoHaskell is or what’s its current development status. Is it something people can use today? If not, when? Is there code? The github repo only contains a readme referencing a code folder that doesn’t exist.

      Hope this doesn’t land as harsh criticism. I’m genuinely curious about this and I’d like to learn more, but I’m having a hard time understanding what NeoHaskell even is. Still, the goals are quite clear from the blog post, and I share your analysis that Haskell has an adoption problem due to lack of user friendliness.

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        Thanks for taking the time of reading it! I’m exactly defining that in the community. I want the definition to be public so everyone can be aware, and contribute with comments. There’s a roadmap link in the website too :)

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          I found it hard to read. So verbose. The whole side-topic of “A language? A dialect? What do you mean?” isn’t needed.

          Just get to the point.

          Or at least get to the point in the first three (ideally shorter) paragraphs and defer any additional explanation to the end.

          BTW, phrases like “joyful software development” are by now so hackneyed that they feel vacuous and shallow.

          Drop the marketing language.

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            I should clarify, I want this to succeed. It seems like the sort of thing I would really go for. But the sales pitch for it is off-putting.

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          Thanks a lot for this great project! I want it to succeed, too! I personally switched from Haskell to Rust years ago. And if you want I can share list of reasons why I did so. But I still wish your project to succeed! (This is very unfortunate that this post has “0” rating on currently.)

          One of things I want from Haskell is tests and doctests with same ergonomics I see in Rust. It was very hard for me to configure proper doctests in one my hackage library