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      Still no icons on the desktop …

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        What do you mean “still”? This is obviously a design decision, not just something they couldn’t yet find time to get to.

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          They’re onto something. My Mac desktop is perpetually full of random disorganized files that I occasionally dump into “old” folders, creating sediment layers of garbage.

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            It’s one of those things that either work for you or they don’t. And it looks like there’s enough people in both camps to not let there be one correct solution.

            My desktop is basically a temp/work/todo space with a handful of things that never get out of control. A matter of habit.

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              Yeah, I really hate the forced no-desktop design of some DEs (GNOME & Pantheon). Why can’t they just have an option to enable/disable the desktop like in Windows? I also like to drag temporary files to my desktop and I pretty consistently tidy them up. I find not being able to use a desktop really hinders my workflow

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              It’s one of those things that either work for you or they don’t.

              Funny that you say that. I used to be 100% strict “desktop is clean and minimal” for like 20 years, and only in the last few years it’s been a dump of temp things and screenshots. Only on Windows (private, games) though, where I don’t have a shell open all day like on a work machine

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            I like to make the desktop icons uncomfortably large. It motivates me to clean them up.

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              On the first of the month, I try to go through and clean up my desktop, downloads folder, and tabs. It’s better than before but still inconsistent.

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          For a desktop system that seems the most stupid decision you can make …

          I have tried to put elementaryOS on my buddy’s laptop - he really liked it but really missed the icons on the desktop - so I installed caja and thunar to enable them by hand. The whole ‘experience’ went to trash as caja or thunar ‘desktop icons’ are not well integrated into elementaryOS DE …

          I have put Ubuntu Mate with ‘Cupertino’ layout to him instead and e could not be happier.

          I am not a ‘target’ for elementaryOS so I do not care that much but IMHO they lose a lot of ‘typical’ desktop users that have used icons on the desktop since decades.

          Just my $0.02 here.

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      I recently got the Anne Pro II to replace my corsair k63 and I’ve been really liking it.

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      I bought a HHKB last year, and it’s been ok. A lot of people seem to over-hype it, and it might be a bit too expensive. There is a difference though, even if you only conciously realize it when using a cheaper keyboard. The default layout (control, backspace, tilde) is also something I miss on other keyboards…

      There is something about ergonomic keyboards that I find “visually” unappealing. I can’t put my finger on it, it might be that they seem to use more space, or that the concept of a split keyboard is just foreign to me.

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        I’m a big fan of the HHKB but did apply some mods, mainly the Yang ble controller & bke redux domes (ultra light).

        A controller with firmware customizability made a big difference in my usage. The domes make it slightly more tactile but the difference isn’t that noticeable IMO.

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        That’s my general thoughts as well. It’s way too expensive for what it is… But if you have one and you use the command line a lot, it is really quite ergonomic for the situation.

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          I luckily got mine for about 100 euros less than it is currently being sold for (at least on Amazon), but even then it is a lot.

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          How do you get around the lack of CTRL and ~ in the command prompt?

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            CTRL is located where caps lock usually is.

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            What do you mean by lack of CTRL?

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        I really enjoyed my HHKB, but yes, definitely expensive. Now I’m on a much cheaper OLKB and I can’t even use my HHKB. I may have to sell it finally.

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        I have this as well and I am quite disappointed… the keys get stuck every couple days and forces me to restart (I’ve cleaned it a number of times). Rather disruptive…

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      Hm, I though they open-sourced the thing earlier?

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        It looks like this is a more cleaned up and up to date version. I think it’s also missing the KDB part but I’m not sure.

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      I’m going to be brushing up on my Java to do a programming test for a company I applied for.

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        Nice! Is Java their main language? Or is it your favorite but rusty tool?

        I’d always prefer see someone do an exercise in their favorite language than mine. An interviewer can often miss depth of skill if the language is not their best… And it’s easier to learn Java syntax and ecosystem than the deep skills of a software engineer.

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          Yeah apparently it’s their main language! My personal favourite is Go but I don’t mind Java at all.

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      Here’s my battle station which is basically my entire apartment. I live here with my girlfriend and work from home 2/5 days a week.

      I triple boot each on a separate SSD. Ubuntu 19.04 for work, Hackintosh High Sierra for general use/side project programming and Windows 10 for games.

      My Specs: Displays: One 1440p 27” Monitor, and a 1920x1200 24” monitor I got from Value Village for $10.

      GPU: GTX 1070

      CPU: Ryzen 2600x

      RAM: 24Gb DDR4 3000Mhz

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      I’m getting this as well on my 1440p 27” benq monitor

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      The only thing I’m really surprised about is how blatant they are about selling your user data apparently.

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        To be clear, are they actually selling user data to third parties, or are they just aggregating it themselves in order to power a targeted advertising platform?

        Not that I care too much - selling is only marginally worse than aggregating. But I do also want to speak accurately when I talk about how villainous Microsoft is. Over-exaggerating invites denial.

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          As an advertising privacy expert: “Selling user data” is the wrong bar. You should say something more along the lines of profiting off the use of user data by themselves or others. With modern advertising systems, the owner of the data is not necessarily the same as the person benefiting from it, and it doesn’t even need to necessarily change hands. Don’t let them off on a technicality.

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      Damn Clojure is an intimidating language. Are you using a library for graphics?

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        I’m not the author, but the project uses Quil for graphics. And Clojure mostly looks intimidating because its syntax is different from mainstream languages, but once you get past that it’s a fairly small and simple language.

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        As for the intimidation of Clojure, I’d say that some code looks bad, but with a focused reading the code becomes self evident.

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      binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing -

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        Ayy, I’ve been avoiding VSCode for a while simply because I try and avoid MS but this has me really interested. Thanks for the link