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      Working on lib-client-py (a ListenBrainz API client) in my free time.

      Development is done in bursts because well, I rarely have time these days. I practically live at work lol.

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      Doesn’t work without JS… I assume because of the stupid loading circle and Google Analytics?

      Edit: Oh my bad, they decided to write the whole fronted of their blog in JS. What a world we live in.

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        You also need to allow port 8080. You know, like a normal page of interweb text. 🙄

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          If I were to pastebin a few KiB of text, would you run it on your machine in an interpreter of my choice? It would be quite reasonable to turn down my offer, I think!

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          I think it’s okay to have fun with your webpage! He wrote it that way because he wanted to play around with Vue.

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            I admit my previous comment was rant-y. I think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

            There is nothing wrong with at all. You should do what you want with your own website. But on that same token, surely some opposition is expected regardless of anything you post on the internet. In fairness, I didn’t make the best comment. I instead should’ve been constructive and said that perhaps he should consider a non-JS fallback, and given my POV of a” lot of websites use tons of JS, but only a small few actually completely bar you out for not having JS enabled”.

            I dunno where I’m trying to go with this. So I’ll sum up with, at least don’t bar people from your website.

            Edit: I mean “you” as in a general sense. Not like you, you, specifically.

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              You have nothing to admit, you are 100% right. This website requires you to run code on your machine to display text. That’s really a problem.

              On the other hand, if someone is willing to add so much complexity on top of a simple web page just to display text, then I probably don’t need to heard what that person has to say about software development.

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                This whole comment thread is 1) off topic 2) boring and overdone 3) unnecessarily harsh toward the author. Read the article or don’t, we don’t need to dredge up this same tired argument every time a link to a JS-heavy blog gets posted. I thought it was an interesting article and I was looking forward to seeing the discussion but the majority of comments are about JavaScript.

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                  There’s a rather important point here : if you want your message to be heard, then make sure do not distract the attention with a fancy/hard to open envelope. If you want to message to be heard, always choose the most simple, direct way to send your message. (I feel that every single developer should be reminded of that regularly).

                  The reason why it is important to tell it every time, especially on a website dedicated to developers, is that maybe, just maybe, the original author is young and just doesn’t know there’s something else than JS and Chrome and Google. Maybe the author doesn’t know that there are many really valid reason to disable JS or not being able to run it. Education about diversity is utterly important in a world dedicated to monopolies. So those comments are needed.

                  Just ask yourself : how did multiple people realize there was a problem with this site ? Not because we inspect the code source of every single website but because we were surprised to not see any content here and investigated to see if there was a problem on our side. Because the title was appealing but, for whatever reason, we were locked out of the content. And how do you want people to talk about a content they can’t read?

                  I admit I was a bit harsh against the author in my previous comment. I assumed a kind of malevolent behavior from someone perfectly knowing what he/she was doing. I’m apologize for that because maybe the author simply didn’t know and reading those comments might be a small learning experience.

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      I am so happy about the destructuring assignments landing in stable.

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      I really hope you’re joking.

      If not… I don’t even know what to say.

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      Thinking about making an rsfetch for Windows, but… I really don’t know enough about Windows to know where to start.

      What do I need to access to get the info? Is there some sort of Windows API? Are there files like /proc/* and /sys/* on Linux for Windows?

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      So basically it’s just a list of what Sergey Matveev doesn’t like, and what he thinks would be good alternatives without explaining any sort of rationale?

      I know it was made with cat-v’s page in mind, but that page also has the same flaw.

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        Is this a well-known person? It’s the second time his stuff has shown up here.

        He links to the cat-v page and basically reverses some of their choices.

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      • Starting a new job (Taco Bell)
      • Testing Windows 11 (I really don’t think it’s as bad as people say; in fact, it’s an improvement over Windows 10 from my experience)
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      Anyone know of a program like this that isn’t dependent on Clang?

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      Off-work, I’m making a font editor (for fun, nothing serious) implementing most things except for the UI framework (gtk) from scratch.

      Screenshots: first and second


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        TIL Gerber, a company famous for knives, basically means carver. Thanks for a great link to the etymology of the name of your app! Also, it looks neat!

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          This hits different at least in the US where Gerber is a company that deals with products for babies…

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            Different subcultures in the United States, home of the Gerber Legendary Blades company..

            Definitely weird to draw the connection to the baby bottle company.

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              In my defense, I had never heard of Gerber as a blade company.

              Which is especially odd given the fact that I literally collect various knives.

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                Amusing! My first locking folder was a gerber, as is the one on my desk.

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          It is more likely coming from the German last name Gerber, which is the profession of making leather.

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      unmedicated schizophrenics to find each other and thereby elevate their delusions into national movements

      This line really irritates me. The tone of it was unnecessary.

      Schizophrenics are victims of their own minds (and often other people).

      It’s not their fault that they’re delusional, they can’t help it.

      Also, from my own experience, it’s usually stupid people making national movements.

      The actual crazy ones end up drinking or drugging themselves to death.

      I’m speaking from experience as a schizophrenic, who also has friends and family that are schizophrenic.

      I know that this is off-topic, but that line really threw me off and I can’t stop fixating on it.

      The whole article kinda got ignored when I read the line.

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        Agreed. That statement is in poor taste and makes it sound like mental illness is just a malicious choice people can make.

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        While I do understand your reasoning, he was explicitly speaking of unmedicated schizophrenics. While many possibly don’t know of their disease and don’t seek professional help (or even outright refuse it), which is also the case with depression leading to many preventable suicides, I understood this section not only to be a singular criticism of those schizophrenics, but of the general online culture where it’s not prevalent for content consumers to reach out and ask those they’re following to seek professional help when they exhibit pathological behaviour, but instead often even cheer this on, leading to a vicious cycle.

        One good example for this is Nikocado Avocado who literally eats himself to death. There may be some in the community asking him to stop and seek help, but the majority seem to close their eyes for this and only see the entertainment.

        Schizophrenic traits seem to be beneficial for a career in social media, and there’s this clear dichotomy where very successful social media persona possibly know of their disease but knowingly don’t seek professional help out of fear of changing and becoming uninteresting.

        To support this point, there’s even an extreme where streamers like ‘Sweet Anita’ market themselves with their mental illness. Even though I neither know her medical history or am a medical expert, there’s a residual doubt that she might possibly choose a weaker medication or no medication at all for the aforementioned reasons.

        The author was a bit careless in his formulation and I understood him to mean ‘willingly unmedicated schizophrenics’.

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          Tbh to me it read a lot like usage of a mental illness as a slur targeting the “conspiracies” crowds.

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            Why did you scare-quote conspiracies crowds?

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              I wasn’t scare-quoting, merely regular-quoting, as a way to refer to what the author seems to be implying. Maybe wrongly so, too; it’s what I interpreted.

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      • I feel like I’m near the end of covid, almost feeling normal again.
      • Setting up job interviews today (I guess this doesn’t really fall into the weekend since it’s friday)
      • Working on crate-manager and crust
      • Binge-listening to Meat Loaf (RIP)
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        Don’t forget the deep cuts when you binge :)

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      • Getting over COVID before setting up some job interviews.
      • Playing games (like Diablo II and III).
      • Working on crust shell more.
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      The “Captured identifiers in format strings” is very nice.

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        While that is pretty nice, I’m excited about:

        • File::options
        • Metadata::is_symlink
        • Path::is_symlink

        Being stabilized. They were some of the main reasons some of my projects used nightly.

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        If, like me, you’re ever wondering what’s coming in the next release, you can check the relnotes tag:

        Spoiler: 1.59 will be stabilization of inline assembly!

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        What I really like is that you can also pass the formatting parameters like the field width without the awkward width=width.

        I just changed format!("{:>width$}", s, width=count_len) into format!("{s:>count_len$}")

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      Here’s are some pics (1 of my monitors, and 1 is a screenshot):

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      Merry X-Mas! Enjoy your time off, have fun. :D

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      • X-Mas of course!
      • Play Diablo III with my mother (it’s one of the few things we both enjoy, so it’s nice to play it with her)
      • Chill out to some absolutely banging metal music
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      Non-programming languages:

      • German
      • Icelandic (currently learning it actually)
      • Swedish

      Programming languages:

      • Going to really try and give Python another chance (though I doubt I’ll get far)
      • More fluency in Lua
      • Various lisps
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        Good luck with the language learning! I’m personally learning Hebrew (well, was learning, recent busyness put a stop to it)

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        For the human languages: are you planning to move to any of these countries or just for the fun of it?

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          Icelandic is more important, I have a friend in Iceland and I was planning to take a trip there sometime. As for German and Swedish, I just like those languages so those will be for the fun of it.

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      • Hoping for a response from the job applied for
      • Hopefully implementing job control and also working on some finishing touches for the customizable prompt for crust
      • Working on some side projects like a file manager and a project that exports currently installed Rust crates and allows you to manage them (via install/uninstall/etc)
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      Just applied for a job, so really nervous about it.

      Besides that, working on crust shell (lots of stuff has been done! I’m just working on implementing job control then I’ll showcase it in it’s own post), learning Icelandic, and working on being more social by going to events at a local college that I got my GED at.

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      Taking a break from programming for a bit. Starting to get pretty stressed out again about various aspects.

      Mainly stuff like licensing, which is a constant cause of stress (I have rigid opinions about it).

      Besides that, I got my driving permit so I’m practicing driving. And I’m also working on my social anxiety by going to some events I were invited to.

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        That sounds awesome! Have fun :)